Inkheart by Cornelia Funke


Age rating 9+

What would you do if you discovered you had a voice so beautiful you could read characters straight out of their stories? While this might be a dream for most of us for Mo it is a reality. Mo can read aloud characters out of their stories, but the downside of this is that when he reads something out something or someone else goes to replace that characters place. Mo, after a particularly bad experience with his gift, vowed to never read aloud again. He vows to not even to his now twelve year old daughter Meggie. He manages to accomplish this for nine years, and then one night an old friend named Dustfinger shows up at Mo’s home. He insists that Mo return a certain book to a man named Capricorn, a dangerous villian, and he asks that Mo do as Capricorn says. Suddenly, Mo and Meggie are thrusted into an adventure that Meggie had only once read about in her stories and Meggie not only learns the awful truth behind the earlier incident, but she also learns about a certain magic she must conjure on her own to save the world from Capricorn and his minions.

I have a strange history with this book. I first got the book when I was about Meggie’s age, but due to the length of the book (it’s over 500 pages) I put the book aside until this past weekend. I can’t believe I missed an opportunity to read this enchanting tale when I was younger! Not only is the story very intriguing and unique, but the characters are all relatable, except for the villians, and the author keeps you guessing about the ending until the very end. The author manages to not only create one beautiful world, but two as the book references a book by the same name in which some of the characters originate from. The book, although mainly from Meggie’s perspective, switches perspective between all the main characters. The book also provides an interesting concept that has rarely, if ever, been wrote about: people who can read characters out of books. I fell in love with the book as soon as I read the first page and I wish this was my reread of this wonderful tale. My only complaints about the book are that it seems that the ending was dragged out a bit unnecessarily and that the length of the book could make younger readers discouraged from reading it. This will definitely be a book I will want to find again when I have young readers of my own.


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