The Guardian’s Heart by Gabriel Lea

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I was in no way influenced by this arrangement.
The book is set in present time. We are not alone in the world. There are people who are called Soul Guardians who live on an earth-like planet, seemingly just behind a veil that we as humans cannot see. Soul Guardians were once humans, but after some reincarnations the souls have moved on from Earth to this new land. They are born and live as a human will, except they have incredible abilities. Each person on this world possesses an unique ability whether it be healing or talking to animals. Their gifts help them discover a profession they are best suited for and they work like humans do; however, at night they use their other ability to help humans out. They all answer the call of humans’ struggling souls on Earth and give them strength, guidance, reassurance, etc. This is not the case for Lilly Flights though. She used live on this peaceful world doing her duties until one night she is pulled to an intriguing green-eyed boy named Jay. Their connection is different than any other she has encountered as a Soul Guardian, she feels Jay is a familiar to her in some way. Besides that, other strange things happen in Lilly’s life. She starts having realistic flashbacks of her past life, which are causing strange new feelings and emotions. Her world is also plagued by the strange appearances of many different animals and the strange deaths of some too.

This book is an adult fantasy romance story. The story changes POV between the three main characters, Lilly, Jay, and Christian. This story has a completely new concept which I don’t believe has ever been wrote about before, because these characters (except Jay) are not angels, they’re human-like beings that are born, live, and die as we do. The beginning of the story took me by complete surprise. I was thrust into the action very quickly. While I wouldn’t normally like this in a story, I did like how the author wrote the beginning scene. The scene begins with Lilly feeling a ton of emotions and feeling like she was drowning, which the author makes the reader feel as well because of how sudden the action occurs. You can tell from the very beginning how the author seems to have a strength for setting up stories and descriptions of the environment and the characters. The story felt very natural and nothing felt rushed. The story also seemed to develop on it’s own. The transitions into new areas or when characters or things were discussed in the story, it was very fluid. The dialogue was also on point. There were a few little hiccups where I had to go back and reread it in order to imagine which character was speaking, but for the most part the dialogue went very smooth. The only slight criticism I have is that I’m not one for love triangles. While this is normally a thorn in my side when I read books with love triangles, it didn’t bother me that much in this story. I really don’t have any other complaints.

I completely devoured this book in one day, which is something I only do when I’m extremely interested in a story. I can count the number of books I’ve done this with on two hands. This book had everything I loved in a story and things I didn’t know I loved: mystery, romance, and fantasy. I was left with more questions than I had going into the story: why are the animals dying and appearing in this world? Do children have the same abilities as adult Soul Guardians? When do the children’s powers come in? and a bunch of other questions I will not post in this review due to spoilers. Overall, this book was freaking amazing. This author is an amazingly sweet woman as well. Please give this book a read because this series has the power to become the next Mortal Instruments in my opinion.


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