Lose Me. by M.C. Frank

Recommended Age: 15+

Rating: 4.5/5

Favorite quote: Today is not the day I die.

Spoiler-Free Review



I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I was in no way influenced by this arrangement.

Ari is an eighteen year old young woman living on an Greek island who has one constant thought running through her brain: “Today is not the day I die”. She’s a stunt woman and has been training hard for her first movie shoot that is taking place right in her hometown. Wes is a twenty-one year old British actor. He started acting when he was young, skyrocketed to fame very quickly, and is used to getting whatever he wants in the world. He’s on the Grecian island to film a Pride and Prejudice adaptation. When Ari has a near fatal accident a day before filming is set to start, she has to face the inevitable reality that will forever intertwine Ari and Wes forever.

The book is a YA romantic parody of the classic Pride and Prejudice. I quite enjoyed that not only was the book a parody of the famous classic, but the movie the two mains were to be filming was a Pride and Prejudice parody as well. I could more accurately describe the book as a mix of Pride and Prejudice, The Fault in Our Stars, a dash of If I Stay/Where She Went, and sprinkling of Hamlet. The book was very well crafted and this normally non-romantic girl read over 300 pages of this book in one night. If that doesn’t describe how much I enjoyed the book, I don’t know what will. The characters are well written for the most part and the dialogue and actions between them was natural, again for the most part. The author did an excellent job of setting up the story and describing each scene so perfectly I felt I was watching a movie instead of reading a book. While I did greatly enjoy the book I did have a few critiques about it. I felt really uneasy with Ari a lot of time. She was super annoying with her wishy-washy personality and I kind of expected this stunt girl to be a bit tougher and bolder. While my opinion of her relaxed towards the middle of the novel I generally felt angered towards her through a lot of the novel. I think that’s more of a personality difference between me and the character. I also felt that the characters fell in love way too quickly with one another. I believe that the story at the beginning could have been stretched a bit further. Also, at the beginning of my journey with this novel, I hated Wes. I realize he was the Darcy character, but in my one (yes, sorry classic lovers, I’ve only read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies before this other P&P parody) other P&P book I also hated Darcy. Both of those opinions later changed as the story went on, so this is more of a general warning to other readers: you will hate Wes in the beginning and then fall in love with him hard and fast much like Ari did. I also felt that this novel could have ended earlier. I felt the ending was dragged out and there were four or five perfect ending points that were prolonged for Ari to return to the character she once was. I felt Ari’s story arc could have been completed earlier.

Overall I greatly enjoyed the novel. The novel does an excellent job of sucker punching you in the face with feels and making you rethink life itself. Trust me, once you read this epic romance, you’ll be saying to yourself “today is not the day I die” and wishing for a hot pirate to come save you.


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