Indie Book Connect


Recently, in the harrowing rabbit hole that is Instagram, I discovered this simply amazing new subscription book company called Indie Book Connect. This sub box is different from your average sub book box. This company chooses books from independent authors, aka those that aren’t partnered with a publishing company. I love independent authors and I try to help them out whenever I can because a lot of times people miss out on these amazing books simply because they’re not at the forefront of stores. Just this year so far I’ve reviewed three separate books from independent authors and all of them have been absolutely amazing!

When you order this sub box, it comes with two books from two different independent authors. An average retail price for this box was at about $27.00. The month-to-month fee for this sub box is $20.00, which saves you $7 each month. Honestly, that’s a really good deal. You can barely order 2 books on Amazon for less than $20.00 nowadays. And you won’t have to worry about receiving the same book in a different sub boxes (which is an ongoing problem when you’ve become subscribed to multiple sub boxes) because this is one of the very few sub boxes that sends indie books exclusively. The company also works with independent authors worldwide, so you can expect new and exciting stories from all over the world! I’ve even heard the books come autographed and the bookmarks in the boxes are absolutely beautiful. This will definitely be a sub box I subscribe to when I obtain a job again!

So, if you’re someone who’s picky at the bookstore or someone who just needs some new and exciting books from new authors then this sub box is the right fit for you. The company sold out of their March boxes completely and are currently taking orders for their April box. If you want to try this company out I’d suggest you order your box pronto! The company graciously granted me a coupon code for anyone to use at the time of checkout for their sub box order. The code is POPTHEBUTTERFLY and it is for 5% off until the end of this month.

Side note: the gorgeous photo above is not mine. This photo greatly surpasses my potato pictures lol.


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