Digging in the Stars by Katherine Blakeney

Rating: 5/5

Genre: YA Sci-Fi

Recommended Age: 13+

Favorite Quote: “#ThrorLives”

I received a copy of this book from the publishing company (Blaze Publishing Company) from netgalley in exchange for a review and I received another copy of this book when I became a publishing rep for the company. This did not influence me in anyway.

Carter, a sixteen year-old girl living in the year 2222, longs to live up to her namesake, Howard Carter the English archaeologist and Egyptologist who discovered the intact tomb of King Tut aka King Tutankhamun in 1922. This is why she chose to major in Archaeology of Outer Space, which is normally a class where students who couldn’t get into their first chose major go. Carter is an excellent student. She’s a TA for her teacher, Professor P, and she’s in charge of making the reservations for their expedition to Magnus. The class is supposed to journey to Magnus for an archaeology apprenticeship. However, Carter is too distracted by the recent disappearance of her best friend Conrad. He left without telling her and she recently received his possessions from a planet called Thror. Fearing the worst, Carter tricks her class into detouring from their expedition to Magnus to journeying to Thror. When photographs from Conrad’s found camera reveal what could be the tomb of the last king of Thror and the overly-friendly natives seem to be hiding something, Carter and her classmates follow Conrad’s footsteps into the mountains and launch an illegal excavation in a forbidden zone. Following the clues and coded messages strange things are revealed about Thror, but is the truth stranger than the facade?

Normally I don’t like science fiction novels because I feel that so much about the technology and the time period goes unexplained and the technology can be outlandish; however, I loved this novel. The characters were very well written and the writing flowed beautifully. The characters were so well written and each had their own developed personalities that I could read something one of them said and hear the same character speak it in my head. The characters really do come to life in the novel and you come to love them, despite some of the characters having annoying traits at times (I’m looking at you Bryanne). A lot about the technology and the time period was explained and wasn’t out of the realm of impossibility. The story had a nice ebb and flow, for every section about the archaeology of Thror there was a section with action in it and for every serious scene there was a few funny moments. The author also did a good job describing scenes and creating mystery and tension.

The only issue I had with this book is that I felt the ending was a bit rushed. I wanted more in the end and I wanted to have some of the ending explained better. I felt a tad overwhelmed by the amount of action and description going on at the ending of the book. Despite that, this book joins the league of my 2017 five star reads! I just want to reread this book right now! I’m excited to see other books this author can come up with.

Also, while I have your attention: Blaze Publishing Company is hosting a giveaway with this book in which you could win a $25 Amazon giftcard! Go check out their Instagram page or mine for further details. This book releases March 28th, so get your paperback copy now!


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