The Falling by T. Damon

​Rating: 4.5/5
Genre: Fantasy
Recommended Age: 13+
Favorite Quote: “A Forest’s life is beyond what the normal, everyday eye can see. In fact, the regular goings-on of a particularly enchanted Forest are completely lost on a typical humans perception. But the energies of these Forests can be felt by all who stumble into them, whether by mistake or for a purpose.”
I was provided a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I was in no way influenced by this arrangement. 
The Forest has a system. There are higher spirits and under spirits. The higher spirits bring love and peace to the forest whereas the under spirits bring destruction and loss. When a higher spirit falls from grace and becomes corrupted by an under spirit and the Yew, the highest spirit, is placed into a deep sleep, the corruption of the Forest begins. This change is sensed by all in the Forest, but King Alston, ruler of the Nymph Kingdom, refuses to take action. The future of the Forest Kingdoms falls to Narena, her younger brother Nyxen, their warrior friend Kellen, and a sage salamander named Hawthorne, all of whom must venture through the darkest part of the Forest to reach Lapris Mountain where the Yew sleeps. They must find a way to wake the Yew and defeat the corruption… Or die trying.
Ever since I was little I had read stories about fairies and enchanted Forests, but never about the nymphs. This story takes place from the perspective of nymphs and starts at the downfall of the Forest, which made this story very unique… And I loved every second of it. The corruption and destruction of the Forest has been occuring for years at the time the story begins and it’s up to a special group of nymphs to restore balance to the Forest. And I’m not sure if the author intended it, but the book mentions how blind the nymphs were to the obvious downfall of the Forest because their ruler refused to acknowledge what the other kingdoms could see. I felt that this tidbit gave the book a dystopian vibe in a way, which I loved. I also loved the way the characters interacted with each other and how the story makes you think about the current state of our own forests because we are contributing to the forests destruction as much as the fallen higher spirit was.
The only (selfish) complaint I have about the book was that I felt the story was too short. I wanted more back story on all of the characters and the events that were going on and at times I wanted the story to slow down a bit so it could focus on the interaction between the characters and surroundings. I was sad to finish this short book (it’s only 169 pages long). I feel the author could easily expand the story and I hope to read more about Narena, Nyxen, Kellen, and the others in the next book (please say there is another book coming out T. Damon?). This book was truly magical and I loved every second of it. Definitely one I will reread in the future. 


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