The Moonstone (Enchantment Vol. 1) by Evelyne Contant

Rating: 4.5/5


Genre: Fantasy


Recommended Age: 16+


Favorite Quote: “”Good and evil are just a matter of perspective. They’re opposites that are separated by a fine line.”


I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This arrangement did not alter my opinions in any way.


Lou Mills previously had a normal life. She had two adoptive parents who loved her dearly, she worked at the library, and she spent her time dreaming about her future expedition to Greece and reading about the many adventures her fictional characters. However, one night she discovers that she is not at all human. Rather, she’s an enchanter and she’s the key to an ancient prophecy in which she is the key to saving the world from a war between the humans and the enchanters. Lou must journey to one of the hidden enchanted cities to attend The Academy in order to discover the extent of her newfound powers and to forge a team with others who will help her succeed on her journey. What awaits her at The Academy might be entirely different than her expectations, especially when it comes to the a strange dark, mysterious man. Lou also has to decide what side she will be on when the war finally comes. Will she stick by her family’s side or fight with her true people?


I don’t know why I always go into a book involving witches comparing it to Harry Potter. It’s becoming a bad habit. Anyways, while this isn’t at all like Harry Potter, it’s honestly really and truly amazing! It was a magical experience reading this book and I devoured this book almost in one sitting. The words seems to take a life of their own and just flow off the page. The author has a talent for creating a story that creates a new spin on themes that have been written about for centuries. In this story, the enchanters don’t use wands or have access to every spell imaginable. Their powers are nature based and they only have certain skills they can use. They also wear necklaces that are connected to their powers (no more on that to avoid spoilers). The author also incorporates Greek mythology into her story, which gives it a bit of a Percy Jackson feel.


While I enjoyed the story, I had a bit of an issue with some of the characters. In this story, the enchanters are supposed to be lacking a lot of the varied emotions that humans possess, but with some of them I found they were much more complex than needed to be. My two big issues with the characters were concentrated on Eloi (can’t do accents over letters, SORRY!) and Mr. Black. I felt one had a complete character flip in the book and the other was hypocritical. Lou’s relationship between her and this one particular character gave me such a creepy vibe that I couldn’t shake it. I actually had to stop reading sometimes because I felt extremely creeped out. And if the author was going for that effect, she did amazingly! I think his character was supposed to be conflicting and infuriating, but I’m not sure if creepy was supposed to be part of his character traits.


Overall, I really liked this story, I was enchanted by it, and the second book is available for pre-order now! I will definitely be obtaining this book and reviewing it in the future, so be on the lookout!



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