Barkbox April 2017

Rating: 4.5/5


Price: $39/month with free shipping. Longer subscriptions save you money!


Products: Treats, toys, and dog accessories for the fidos in your life! They offer three options for you to choose from: small by mighty (0-20 pounds), middle weight (20-50 pounds), and large and in charge (50+ pounds). For this review (and for my pup) I bought the Middle Weight option.


Ships to: USA and Canada.



There wasn’t an information card detailing the products of this box, which I thought was a very weird thing. The box did contain this adorable Throwback Thursday sticker set and I assume the box was 90s themed by the items in it.



The first items we pulled out of the box were the toys obviously! The first being this rollar skate. It’s tag said it was called Need For Speed Skates from Bark & Co ($12.00). The toy is stuffed and has a squeaker in it. She seemed to enjoy this, which is unusual for her because she’s usually not one for stuffed toys.



The next toy in the box was this fanny pack that screams 90s (comment below if you’ve had a fanny pack before!). The toy is cakks Fitz’s Phat Fanny Pack also from Bark & Co ($10.00). This toy is also stuffed, but it has a rope on top of it which will be great for Daisy because she loves playing tug of war! The toy also has a squeaker in it, but it’s quite hard to squeak! If you watched my unboxing on Instagram, you saw that I had to put a lot of my weight on the toy for it to squeak. Later on, the toy would squeak with a bit more ease, but it made more of a duck quack sound than a squeak.



The treats were the last things we unboxed. Not pictured was the Chicky Twizzies treat that my dog was anxiously awaiting. The treat was from sweet n’ tasty and retails for $3.00 on the BarkBox shop. My dog ate it in one sitting and it broke my heart to see her look through the rest of the box looking for another one! This will probably be a treat we order from the Bark Shop for her birthday and Christmas. The next treat was pork flavored dog treats titled Joy Sticks. These are made in the USA by Nootie, are all natural, and are grain free. The treats are soft and the bags are 5 oz, which will last our pup a few months. Daisy loved these treats as well! These retail for $6.00 on the bark shop. The last treat pack was B’nana and Coco from Uptown Pup Scene. The treats are also USA made and are also grain free. These treats are a tad bit harder than the Joy Sticks, but they’re still relatively soft. They’re made with peanut butter, coconuts, and bananas. Daisy has yet to eat her treat as she’s sulking about the lack of a second Chicky Twizzies. I couldn’t find this product online or in the Bark Shop, but I found a similar bag by the same company for $6.00 on the Bark Shop.

Verdict: The look on my pup’s face when she saw and smelled her box returning to her was priceless enough for me to want to rate it a 5/5, but the lack of an info card made me a bit upset because I couldn’t enjoy the box since I was racking my brain with what the theme was and it made writing this review a tad harder to be honest. Besides that tiny annoyance, my Daisy and I loved this box and I think I’ll keep this box for a bit. And honestly, if she doesn’t eat the B’nana and Coco treats, I’ll be giving the treats to my parents dogs. This box is also a great present for multiple dogs. When I was purchasing this box before, I split the box between 3 dogs. The box always offers more treats than what one dog can eat on their own and any leftover toys that none of the dogs played with always went to other needy dogs. This box is literally the gift that keeps on giving, so buy one for your pup today!


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