Element (Descendants of Eden #1) by Pheobe Pach

Rating: 3/5
Genre: YA Fantasy
Recommended Age: 13+
Favorite Quote: “I hate what the world has become”
I was provided a free copy of this book by Pheobe Pach. This did not influence my decision in any way.
Has your WiFi ever crapped out all of a sudden? Your power flickered? Has time ever felt like it’s passed by too quickly or slowly? Maybe you’ve experienced de-ja-vu? Blame the Descendants, the ones who are descended from Adam and Eve’s firstborn children. One such descendant is Lucy James. She spends her days hiding and stealing food because she’s homeless and without family. And she was on the brink of suicide until Saint Cale showed up. He leads her to a safe community full of people like her. But when her powers prove too powerful to be anything like the others and a dark secret comes to life, will it lead Lucy to run away or face the demons that threaten to consume her?
This is yet another book that I’ve read with a completely original idea and I’m loving the tiny break I’m getting from all the fairytale retellings. As I’ve said before I really appreciate it when a book I’ve read has an unique idea. I also loved the characters in this story for the most part. While I felt that there was an abundance of characters and it got confusing at times, for the most part the characters were all very well developed and memorable. I also loved the message of the book: you’re not your birth, meaning: you are your own person and your birth does not define you. You can be anyone or anything you want (as long as it’s legal!! Don’t impersonate a cop please!) And how you’re born does not define you. While I thought the book had some positives, I feel the book had some negatives as well.
First of all, my nook did not recognize the book as a book and so I believe a lot of the formatting was messed up because of that. While I wouldn’t normally let this effect my score for quality of writing, I also had issue with how the author used quotations. I’m not used to having someone speak, but not referencing the character after they speak in the book. The author will have someone speak and then write an action of the other person instead of immediately referencing that original speaker. It made the writing a bit confusing for me as I had issue keeping track of who was talking, which effected the ease of reading for the reader in my opinion. The pacing and plot development for the most part was fine, but I felt that some of the story could have been slowed down and further detailed. The book could have easily been expanded into 2-3 separate books with all the information in this book.
Overall while I enjoyed the idea of the book I feel that it could have been slowed down, further detailed, and formatted a bit better in order to make for a better reading experience for the reader. BUT do not be disuaded by my review because this book has a lot of promise in it and it’s an interesting concept. It’s definitely worth a read if you’re into YA Fantasy and new ideas for fantasy novels!


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