At First Blush by Beth Ellyn Summer

Rating: 5/5


Genre: YA Contemporary/ YA Romance


Recommended Age: 13+


Favorite Quote: “I’m not totally sure when talking to myself stopped being weird. Maybe when half a million people started listening.”


I received this book for free on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This did not change my opinions of the book in any way, shape, or fashion.


Do you have a Youtube channel? A bookstagram account? A huge twitter following? Any other social media that has gained you a few hundred, thousand, or million subscribers? Then you can relate to this story! This is the story of a girl named Lacey who creates makeup tutorials on YouTube to half a million subscribers every day. Her dream has become her reality: she’s nearing a million subscribers, she’s obtained an internship at On Trend Maganize, and she’s so close to the Glass Cube and a sponsorship! But sometimes your dream job isn’t what it seems and when Tyler Lance, a famous musician, comes into her life she’ll have to decide between her YouTube life and her real life. Who is Lacey Robbins and where does LaceyBlushes end and Lacey Robbins begins?


Let me just say I thought this book would be something else when I read the summary many moons ago… but I’m glad that my first assumption was completely wrong! This is a wonderful YA romance/contemporary book and I absolutely loved it! The pacing and plot development were both on point. The book was not too slow nor was it too fast. The chapters had adorable chat messages that made the reader feel like they were reading some of Lacey’s online chat messages on her Youtube channel. The writing was wonderful and it really made the story come alive and the book was a very easy read. The author also had well developed characters for the most part and the book had a very important message about finding/discovering who you are especially in an age where almost every teen/preteen/child has at least one social media account and has more than family members following them. It’s very important to know in this day and age that you can have the online persona and be the next Pewdiepie or the next Zoella, but it’s of the upmost importance that you figure out who you are outside of Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. That’s why a book like this is important to read. It doesn’t lecture you on the dangers of the internet nor does it give you a horror story about someone selling their soul to the internet devil. It’s a very cute, romantic tale about a young girl who is living the Youtube “dream life” and how maybe it’s not the right fit for everyone.


In all honesty there wasn’t a lot I was disappointed about because this book was so wonderful! Some of the characters like Felicia and Jordan could have been more developed and some more information on Lacey’s parents and why they did the things they did could have been great, and I think that the author could have incorporated more of the online messages Lacey was receiving to bring more of that side to the story. Overall though this was a well-rounded book with an amazing message. It’s a beautiful book and it should be a must read for anyone who wants to be an online persona or is already one.


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