A Court of Candles Restore the Heart Limited Edition Box Review

Rating: 5/5


Price: $32.61 USD for the demi-fea box (tax and all in Georgia). This was a limited edition box that the shop produces every month.


Products: Themed candles, bath sets, and wax melts that are all soy/vegan. This shop is always adding new scents and items, so watch this shop if you don’t see what you want today. You can order a limited edition box or you can order other items outright. Because I didn’t know what to expect, I went with the cheaper option for a limited edition box labeled “demi-fea”.


Ships to: Worldwide!

Being a fan of Moana, I was VERY excited for this limited edition box! Everything in the box is Moana themed and before receiving this box I did not look at what the box would contain so this box’s contents were a complete surprise to me! The box didn’t have an info card, so I will be starting with the first item I pulled out of the box. It was a little sampler tea labeled “Brew of Motunui” and it is toasted coconut vanilla bean.  it is detailed as a “sweet, buttery, white tea of the islanders of Motunui”. The tea came in a cute little bag and a little card telling you how to make the tea. While I don’t like tea I do enjoy the smell of the tea and I have a husband who enjoys a sip of tea every now and then, so I stuck this in his lunch box for a stressful day at work.

Our first candle of this box was the We Were Voyagers 4 ounce candle. It smells like ocean breeze and sea salt and it has glitter in it. It actually has two types of glitter in it, a light blue-ish small glitter and a larger hexagonal silver glitter. The actual smell is a little strong, but very calming. It does smell like you’re at the ocean working on your tan.

The next candle of this box was The Ocean Chose Me 4 ounce candle. It smells like hibiscus, island sun, and coconut and the candle has small bits of yellow, orange, and silver glitter. Again, the smell is a little strong, but the hibiscus is the strongest scent in the candle.

The third candle I got in this box was Tala’s Spirit 2 ounce candle, which I believe refers to the grandmother in Moana. It smells like olive leaf, ocean, and celestial and it has small bits of blue-ish glitter. This candle has a lighter scent and it takes a few whiffs to really get the smell of it. It smells mostly like the ocean. I know it’s hard to describe, but it smells like clean air on the ocean.

The last candle I received in this box is probably my favorite. It’s the Crabulous 2 ounce candle, which refers to one of the villians Moana and Maui have to defeat in the story. The character is very obsessed with shiny objects and making himself look like a pirate’s treasure, so it’s no surprise that this candle has an overwhelming amount of gold glitters all on the outside of the candle. The candle smells like seaweed, ocean, and moss. It’s a bit of a stronger smell and the seaweed and the ocean smells are competing with each other for the most powerful smell, but it’s a very pleasant mixture. 

Last, but not least, the box contained a Walmart exclusive Voyager Moana pop funko! I didn’t expect for the box to contain this item, so I was very pleased and excited!

Verdict: This box contained everything that I wanted and more in a box. While I couldn’t find prices for 4 ounce candles on the website, but the four candles would probably run between 20-30 USD by themselves and the Moana pop runs an estimated 10 USD. The little tea sampler wouldn’t be very expensive at all. So, I would call this box a great deal for what you get in return. I’m happy and I have more candles for photo props and I believe you would be too! Go give A Court of Candles a look through today!


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