Perfidy of Labyrinth (Beyond Solstice Gates #3) by Kimm Reid

Rating: 5/5


Genre: Junior Fantasy


Recommended Age: 10+


Favorite Quote: “But if only one of us can be saved, save my sister”


I was provided a free copy of this book and compensated for my time by Ahelia Publishing. This did not change my opinion of the book at all, I promise you with all of the promises I can muster.


“The Gates of Solstice have opened, but while the Shailmas have summoned the Travelers, King Shrailzhar, too, has gathered his warriors.  The King has finally found the portal gate and set a mystifying trap to keep the curse breakers out of his dark land.  Getting into Trilleah will test the strength of Judah, Jennifer, and the others; getting back out will require a part of themselves they might not be willing to give.


Caught in a Labyrinth that even the Living Maps overlooked, this might be as far as the Travelers ever get to breaking the curse of Malleana Forest.  Once trapped in Shrailzhar’s impervious Labyrinth, only one will see the way out.  Only one will hear the voice telling the way.  Only one will believe the unbelievable.  Only one will know that, to move ahead, they must go all the way back.


Will the others follow?  Or, will that one have to go alone?” – Back cover blurb was obtained by Amazon.



Once again, you’re entering dangerous waters. If you haven’t read the first two books you might be spoiled by this review. As always, I try to keep my reviews spoiler free, but I might discuss some things that might be considered spoilery to some. You’ve been warned.


So, very immediately after I finished the second book I picked this one up and started my third adventure into Trilleah! This time King Shrailzhar will not be tricked! He will find the Travelers and put an end to their search for the clay tablets. Which means he’s playing dirty. He has traps for the Travelers, especially Jennifer, right inside the Solstice Gates and even right outside the twins’ home! This is where our heroes will have their trust and belief in their Shailmas in order to make it out of Trilleah alive. If I sound tense, it was because I was while reading this book! The stakes are higher and new truths are revealed and then for the book to end on another cliffhanger!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!


The author continues to write the book with multiple POVs, so not only do we continue to see the story through Jennifer’s and Bella’s eyes, but now through Judah’s eyes and a bit of Miriam’s as well! I was so hyped when I realized I was reading the story through Judah’s eyes because he’s previously not had a lot of attention in the book even though he is Jennifer’s twin… and I absolutely fell in love with Judah. Judah has now become my favorite character in this series and I will cry and scream if anything befalls him or Jennifer. I love how Kimm Reid is continuing to add more character POVs in the stories because not only does that develop previously undeveloped characters, but it adds more depth to other characters that have already been the focus of the story. I feel like I know so much more about Judah and Jennifer and I just adore them so much more.


But the character development wasn’t the only thing that I loved about this book. The pacing was a bit slower in this book, which I enjoyed because the story was a very tense book. The plot development was also a bit slower, but nevertheless magnificent. I feel like the story wasn’t just slow to be slow. The action happened in the appropriate places and nothing lagged unnecessarily, but the tension was the best part about this book. As the characters were feeling something was off in this story, so the readers can experience as well.


The book was also very insightful. The book continued with the theme of trust, but it added strength for this new adventure. The book continues to show readers how to recognize truth and trust, but with this new book I feel it empathized what true strength really is. There was a great David and Goliath story towards the end that had me on edge the entire time I read it, but besides the excellent writing I feel the book was teaching the readers, especially young children since that’s the target audience, that they are never too little or too weak to succeed. To echo the words of my favorite musical “even if you’re little you can do a lot, you mustn’t let a little thing like little stop you.” No one is too little or too weak or too anything to not do anything. The sky is always the limit and you must never let anything you don’t feel is right rule you. Even if you’re facing down a foe who is far more powerful than you, you can still win.


The only thing that I disliked about the book is that it ended. Seriously. This book was amazing, I greatly enjoyed it, it’s very well-written and the series just keeps getting better and better. I can’t wait to see more of the story and to find out how the loose ends at the end of the second and third book will be wrapped up in the upcoming stories.


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