Veiled Sun Blood Moon (Beyond Solstice Gates #4) by Kimm Reid

Rating: 5/5


Genre: Junior Fantasy


Recommended Age: 10+


Favorite Quote: “Sometimes wounds must get deeper, and pain must become unbearable before the healing can begin… if it is to begin at all.”


I was compensated by Ahelia Publishing for my time in reading this book and I was also provided a free book in exchange for my honest review. I promise that this did not change my opinion of the book in any way and my opinion would remain the same if I found the series and paid for it with my own money. Also, if you haven’t read the first three books in this series there will be slight spoilers of the previous books, but no spoilers for this book. You’ve been warned.


“This journey might very well be the Elliot twins’ last.  With King Shrailzhar’s Armies chanting, “Jennifer must fall, never again to rise,” and flying savages that keep circling Asphelia’s Hollow, it would seem that the traps and snares might finally be too much to overcome … even for them.


Perhaps, this is the reason that the sun has veiled itself; it cannot bear to look upon the demise of the Travelers.  Surely, the moon knows a secret that can only be whispered in the great drops of blood that it throws down.


If Jennifer can be dragged into the Adder’s pit, even while the others fight to keep her out of such a diabolic dungeon, how will any of the Traveler’s ever trust the Shailma’s for their own deliverance?


Trust in the unseen must become greater than the fear of the seen if the Travelers are to have any hope at all.  While this is the end for one, it will be only the beginning for another.” – Back cover blurb provided by Amazon.



We’re back in Westlock and Trilleah with the Elliot Twins and changes beyond the children’s growth have been made. King Shrailzhar has commanded his armies to be on the lookout for Jennifer and has set traps specifically for her… or so Kaija Mae warns Judah and Bella. But why? What is it about Jennifer that the King and Miriam hate so much? And will Jennifer even survive this latest trip to Trilleah or will she join her mother as a part of the Waiting Ones?



As always the book was an amazing read. Easy to read with excellent writing and fantastic character development. Not only do we have our POVs from Judah, Jennifer, and Bella, but we hear a bit more from Sam, Matt, and Pierce. We also learn more about Kaija Mae and her group and Miriam, unfortunately, in passing from the other POVs. The characters are becoming more complex and the author is developing a great mystery involving trust within the group for the reader. There is also a mystery surrounding Jennifer and why the King and Miriam want to destroy her so badly. The author also writes Jennifer’s dilemmas beautifully. Jennifer is a very complex character and the situations the author forces the character into make Jennifer’s personality shine and her struggles feel more brutal for the reader. The reader is also privy to seeing a more emotional side of Judah when an unexpected turn of events takes place. This allowed the reader to connect with the twin on a much deeper level and it allowed for Judah’s personality to become much more developed for the reader. The author also did a terrific job with the plot development of the story. The story feels very even in plot. The book is about split in half, with the first half being devoted to the twin’s lives in Westlock and then the second half being centered around their journey to Trilleah. The book was also a very insightful read. It felt that it was a story about facing death and coming to terms with death.



However, while the pacing doesn’t feel rushed in the book I felt that the book lagged a little in the beginning. But, the beginning was set up to develop some more backstory for the reader and allowed for the reader to explore more about Kaija Mae, which I feel was much needed. Beyond that, I don’t have any complaints at all about this book. As always, it was a fantastic and enjoyable read and I’m hungry for the next installment in the series.


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