Barkbox – May 2017

Rating: 5/5

Price: $39.00 USD/month with free shipping. Longer subscriptions save you money!

Products: Treats, toys, and dog accessories, OH MY! There are three options for you to choose from when subscribing to the box: small but mighty (0-20 pounds), middle weight (20-50 pounds), and large and in charge (50+ pounds). For this review and because my pup is 27 pounds, I chose the Middle Weight option!

Ships to: USA and Canada. Sorry international friends!

The first items we pulled out of the box are the toys of course! The first toy was Verne the Vulture from Bark & Co ($10.00 USD). The toy does have a squeaker in it and it’s body is crinkly (which my pup loves! She would prefer crinkle over squeaker, but she immediately took to this toy).

The second toy in the box was this boot! The toy is called These Boots Were Made for Squawkin’ from Bark & Co. I couldn’t find out how much the toy retailed for because the item is actually sold out on the website! I would say probably around $10.00 USD. The toy is very stuffed and does have a squeaker in it. My pup didn’t take to it immediately, but if she doesn’t take to it over time then the toy will be given to my mother’s pup. He’s a mountain fiest and is very high energy, so he would love a toy like this!

Next up were the wonderful treats! The first thing that we pulled out of the box and that my pup quickly devoured was the Beef Burger Chew made by Happy Howie. It’s real slow-cooked beef and made in the USA. The burger is cooked with gluten-free rice four and comes from grass-fed cattle. The burger chew only retails for $1.39 and you can buy a box of 60 on the website if your dog is absolutely in love with the chews like my dog is.

The second treat item was a bag of treats called Pork & Beans from Lucky Dog. All natural, made with wheat, corn, and soy free. This was also made in the USA and is 5 ounces. The treat is also high in protein for your pup! The item retails for $6.00 USD on the Bark & Co website. While her owner might not like pork and beans, my pup LOVED them.

The last treat item in the box was from Sojos and it’s called Cowboy Pizza. 100% natural, wheat and corn free, and 8 ounces. The item is also made in the USA. While I couldn’t find the actually cowboy pizza on the companies’ website, I was able to find similar items and they retailed for $6.98 USD for autoship or $7.35 USD for one-time buying. The treat actually does smell like pepperoni pizza and my pup seemed to really enjoy it. I now finally have something to feed my dog when she tries to eat my pizza!

The box also came with a wanted poster that you could use to take pictures of your dog with. The card wasn’t an information card so I’m not for certain what this box was called but I inferred that it was a Western Cowboy themed box.

Verdict: While my pup enjoyed almost all of the items in the box and I enjoyed taking her picture for the wanted poster, I still do not like the lack of an information card. However, this box was wonderfully put together and I enjoyed the treats and toys as much as my pup. Definitely loving this sub box subscription!


2 thoughts on “Barkbox – May 2017

  1. Howlooo! Thank you so much for sharing your review of May’s BarkBox! We are pupsolutely thrilled to hear your pup ruved May’s Wild Wild Woof theme! 🙂 Verne the Vulture was definitely a pack favorite among our pawffice pups and the Pork and Beans treats really got their tails wagging! We’re so yappy to hear your pup felt the same way!

    Our boxes all come with an information card inside, explaining that month’s theme and the pawssible themed toys and treats included. We are so furry sorry if it was missing from your box! We do appreciate you letting us know and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about the contents inside!

    We have a number of monthly prices to join the pack, but the longer you subscribe, the better the deal! Our prices break down as follows: 1 month for $29/monthly, 6 months for $25/monthly, or 12 months for $21/monthly! We also offer free heavy chewer and allergy customization options for the pups in our pack!

    Again, thank you so much for the kind woofs! If we can ever lend a further paw, please don’t hesitate to bark in to!

    All our ruv,
    Annie at BarkBox

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    1. Huh, maybe I’m missing my info cards because I haven’t had one the last two boxes I’ve had. I’ll make sure I look harder the next box I open for Daisy. Daisy and I are very excited for the June box and Daisy wanted me to tell you that she is impatiently waiting for the mailman to drop off her box! I am actually very VERY excited about the heavy chewer option because my mom’s pup is a rough player and I want to buy him some for Christmas. I’ll be sure to refer back to this comment when I write my next reviews! Thank you for all the information and I’ll bark if I need any help =).

      With ruv and belly scratches,

      Paige and Daisy Mae.


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