Mist of Leviathan (Beyond Solstice Gates #5) by Kimm Reid

Rating: 5/5


Genre: Junior Fantasy


Recommended Age: 10+


Favorite Quote: “Certainly, if the twins had not listened to their Shailmas and followed their direction, none of them would be here now, and the clay tablets would have never been collected.”


I was provided a free copy of this book and was provided compensation for my time. This did not influence my decision in any way.


“Since there was not to be a journey to Trilleah for this Winter’s Solstice, Bella and the Twins made marvelous plans to instead, spend that time visiting the other Travelers at Matt’s lake house.  It seems Bella enjoyed spending time with Matt more than the others knew.  However, when Kaija Mae shows up unannounced and tells of the goings-on in the Dark Land—of the King’s instructions to destroy Trilleah before the Travelers could find the last of the clay tablets—it’s clear there is no time to waste! Straightaway, the Shailmas whisk their riders back to Trilleah where the Travelers would find broken gates, a crumbling Hollow, and discover that not all souls are salvageable.  Some, in fact, have traded their soul for a throne and a promise.  Blood Covenants between King Shrailzhar and mysterious Travelers prove to be unbearable … and deadly. As the mists rise, uncovering the sea and what it’s hiding, all they discover will take the very breath from those onlookers, and perhaps, the last of the tablets will remain buried in the bottom of the sea.” – Back cover blurb provided by Amazon.


If you haven’t read the previous books then you might not want to read this review because there will be slight spoilers from the other books. You have been warned.


After our last journey it seemed certain that Jennifer would not want to journey back to Trilleah, but something in Jennifer has changed and so we must travel with her back to this horrible land because Jennifer is precious and we must protect her at all costs. Jennifer is my cinnamon roll character. Anyways, we’re back and the land itself is ready to fight and scare off Jennifer and the other Travelers. The King has decided something more awful than trapping souls in Trilleah and if our heroes don’t act fast they will never be able to free the souls of their loved ones. The stakes are high and the tension is real. The book was wrote so beautifully that I felt very tense while reading this book. I kept repeating in my head “Hurry! Hurry!!!” and this ending did nothing to calm my nerves about my favorite cinnamon roll character and her twin in this land! The pacing and plot development were also beautifully written, which helped convey the tension of this story. The character development was also very expanded in this story. I learned so much more about Pierce and Miriam and now I feel like I know about pretty much all of the Travelers save for Kaija Mae and her group… and I’m even more stressed out about the events of the next book! I don’t feel like anyone is safe anymore!


The only issues I had with this book was that I felt that the author could have been expanded in terms of Jennifer’s emotional and mental state after their last journey and how not only Bella and Judah had to deal with it but the other Travelers when they were reunited with her, but this is a children’s novel so I feel that for the target age range it was written very well. I have a minor in psychology and sociology with a master’s in criminal justice so I would have liked a more in-depth look at Jennifer’s mental well-being but for the purposes of this book I feel that it was perfect the way it was. I feel I have to point out, especially for parents who are reading this review to see if the book is suitable for their child, is that there is a character death in this book and that the death is a little violent. I just like to warn parents and readers in advance to prevent triggers. Overall the book and this series is very enjoyable and the book is an easy read. I have fallen in love with this series and my stress about my favorite characters have not been this high since I read the Harry Potter books when I was little. This series has a way of totally enveloping you in its story and not letting you go. I can’t wait to read the last two books of this series!


2 thoughts on “Mist of Leviathan (Beyond Solstice Gates #5) by Kimm Reid

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