War of the Firmament (Beyond Solstice Gates #6) by Kimm Reid

Rating: 5/5


Genre: Junior Fantasy


Recommended Age: 10+ (some gore, some violence)


Favorite Quote: “This is the firmament and this is where the war will be waged.”


I was provided a free copy of this book by Ahelia Publishing and I was compensated for my time reading this book. This arrangement did not affect my decision in anyway. Once again, if you’ve not read the first book then you might not want to read this review. No spoilers from this book, but there might be spoilers from the other books.


She’d made her Shailma so small—so small indeed—when in fact, he was bigger than anything she could think of … or ponder … or consider … or understand.  Her mind could not grasp just how big Simeon was.  He knew all things and was aware of all things; he was everywhere at all times. Jennifer had no need to worry or fear or be concerned, yet she was all of those things.  The oddest of all was that Simeon knew that his little one had found a new understanding of his bigness and that even though she was horribly afraid, she would keep going—not because of who she was, but because of who he was. Suddenly, that became enough for her, and she found the courage required to battle the great dragon.  Surely, defeating that dragon would release the souls of the ones Jennifer had fought so hard to free from the cure of the Trows. Only time—and courage—held the answer to such a deep question. – back cover blurb provided by Amazon.


Back in Trilleah, but we never left after the last events like we usually do. Instead, we stayed in Trilleah… but now we’re caught in the beginnings of a war between the King and the land itself versus the Travelers. Who will win and who won’t make it out alive? Once again I thought that Kimm Reid knocked it out of the park with her excellent writing skills. The story never gets old and never gets boring, even though this book only spanned the length of one day. The plot development that was involved in the story and the character development was very well written. The plot takes place over the span of one day and I thought that even with the short time frame that the plot was very well rounded. The story flowed naturally and it never felt forced or out of sync. The reader also became privy to not only more information about the Travelers, but also King Shrailzhar and some of his minions in this book. This was very exciting for me because I wanted to learn more about the other minor characters and I thought it was interesting how some information was given about the villains, but I didn’t feel any empathy for the King as I usually do for villain backgrounds.


The only things I found problematic with the book was that the pacing was a bit slower than normal. While this was fine by me and I thought the writing was done perfectly for a slower paced story, some younger readers might not enjoy a slower paced story, but some might. I was one of those readers that didn’t care about the pacing as long as it made sense, but just keep that in mind for your young readers. Despite that, I found the story engaging and wonderfully written as always. I definitely recommend this series for your young readers and for yourself!


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