Tomorrow by Haylee Thorne

Rating: 3/5


Genre: Erotica


Recommended Age: 18+ (mature scenes and strong language)


Favorite Quote: “You are mine”


I was provided a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. This arrangement did not sway my opinion in anyway.


Notorious playboy and billionaire Mika Kingsley plays the game of life just like he plays at business in the boardroom…hard, fast and taking no prisoners. What he doesn’t already own, he conquers and masters, bending all comers to his iron unyielding will. However, after tragedy strikes Mika finds himself desperately searching for something he can hold on to when into his new world of chaos and disarray walks… nurse Raeva… From the very first moment he lays eyes on her, he set his mind and considerable resources to acquiring her body and soul, unaware that this is one conquest that may prove more than a match for his indomitable sense of control. Raeva Ray is young, brash, educated and beautiful. Mika quickly realizes that it will take more than flash and money to tame this beautiful sexy creature. Despite outward appearances however, when it comes to navigating her way around a man’s heart…Raeva is clueless. After a few failed and unhealthy relationships, she had vowed to remain single and chaste…FOREVER! Like a perfect storm brewing on the horizon, these two enigmatic souls seem charted on a collision course with fate…. Mika is determined to hide all his secrets and mistakes. But they are coming back to haunt him; he knows he could lose Raeva forever. With things flying out of control and their world falling apart, Raeva must to choose between what seems to be the truth and the truth she feels in her heart. Can Mika keep those he loves safe and avoid losing the one woman who makes him want to live for tomorrow? – back cover blurb provided by Amazon.


Raeva Ray just wants her first day at her job to go well, but that’s pretty much the definition of first days: nothing goes right. That is until she meets her charge’s brother: Mike Kingsley. Suddenly, Raeva is thrown into a fast-paced romance that leaves her little time to wonder if they’re moving too fast. When secrets are revealed and danger is uncovered will it prove too much for Raeva? While I’m not normally a romance reader, I did like the idea of the book. The book is an easy read and I thought that for the most part the main characters were well developed and complex… but unfortunately I did have a lot of issues with the book.


I thought that the pacing and plot were really off for this story. As I have said before I’m not a romance reader, but I did used to sneak read my mother’s erotica books and with those books they focused on the build-up and the sexual tension between the two characters. I felt that because the pacing of this book was extremely fast-paced that the author missed an opportunity to have these two characters flirt and have that tension in the book. Almost immediately the characters do the deed whereas in other books of this similar genre I’m used to waiting until mid-way or towards the end for the characters to do that. I also feel like the book had three different plot points in it and that the book could have been told as three separate books rather than one with all the different things that was going on in the book. Another point that I didn’t like about the book were some of the characters. While the main characters were well developed and complex, I felt that Mika’s character came across as wwwwaaayyyyy too creepy and stalker-ish. Maybe it’s because of my life experiences, but I felt very uneasy reading the book because of Mika’s actions. While this was resolved at the end I feel that Raeva’s character type should have ended the relationship or had a discussion with Mika in the first part of the book. I also felt that a lot of the side characters were not developed and were just plot devices. The villain of the story came out of nowhere. The villain was built to be this mysterious character, but the reasons the villain does the things he does do not correlate to how he acts in the book. As I have stated before I have a master’s in Criminal Justice and part of obtaining my degree focused on learning about people as you would in a sociology or psychology class. From what I know and have learned about people like the villain (trying not to spoil this book, so sorry for the vagueness!) the warning signs should have been written into the story more. There were also a lot of plot holes too and I feel the ending isn’t really complete. Lastly, I feel that the author’s writing was a bit weird. She’s a really good writer, but I felt that some of the phrases used in the book were awkward and were written in that way because of the genre of this book. Some of the phrases used were overtly sexual in non-erotic scenes and I felt the writing was awkward.


Overall, I felt the author wrote an okay story, but for me this book had a lot of issues that I didn’t feel comfortable with. Again, this might be because of my background and my personal life experiences. I feel that if you’re looking for a quick, steamy read you might like this one and all in all it’s a decent read… but it just wasn’t a book for me. Also, I have been in talks with letting my momma read this book so someone who reads more books in this genre can give a better review. Opinions? Would you like to read a review by my darling momma? Comment your opinions down below!


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