Enchanted Book Box – May 2017

Rate: 5/5


Price: $38.00 USD/month plus shipping and handling. You can purchase a one-time box to test out the company to see if it is the right fit for you. There are sometimes half-boxes available for cheaper and you do save some money with subscribing. Sometimes the company also offers limited edition boxes. The one they just offered was a Sarah J. Maas box called A Court of Thrones for $65.00 USD. You can save 10% by using any codes from the reps for this company! There are only 5 boxes left for the June #bookstafame box that will include a book sleeve so get yours NOW!


Products: 1 YA book along with 5-7 bookish items. The company tries to use handmade products from Etsy or other shops you see on bookstagram. For the limited edition boxes there are more items.


Ships to: USA and most countries.


I ordered the May Game of Thrones themed box! So first of all I want to say this box was one of the most detailed boxes I’ve ever ordered. The attention to detail was absolute perfection! The item pictured above is the information card, but it was made to look like an actual scroll. The wax seal on the front is the Dire Wolf from the Stark House sigil and yes it was a real wax seal.


The first two items from the box were these bookmarks. One was a Mother of Dragons bookmark from Jessicascissorhands (Etsy) and the other was a special bookmark included in the box: a Dracarys bookmark made by paperbackparamour (Instagram). The box was delayed shipping out because the publishing company was late shipping the book out, so the company graciously included this extra beautiful bookmark and it was wrapped!! I’m a HUGE Danny fan and so I was not disappointed.


The next two items was this lip blam from nerdinifties (Instagram). The flavor was called Sansa’s Lemon Cakes and omg the scent was beautiful. The card is a collector card made by MysticMoonMedia (Etsy) and again I loved it because who doesn’t love Danny?!?


Then I found this wonderfully smelling tea from LoskeeverAmmiccante (Etsy) and this awesome Richard Stark penny coin from Shire Post Mint. My husband drinks tea so I’ll have to update you later on how the tea tastes and, little known fact about me, I used to collect coins and so did my husband! So this coin is going in a special place in our home.


BUT WAIT THAT’S NOT ALL! This box was absolutely crammed with items! There was also a candle from flickeringtales (Instagram). The scent is King’s Landing and it also smells wonderful! There was also a pin included in the box with a quote from my other favorite character: Tyrion. The quote says “That’s what I do. I drink and know things”. It was made by GeektasticCreations (Etsy).


The last item before book reveal was this coloring book made by Sweetgeek (Etsy). Now I have something to do while on my plane ride to Ireland!


Lastly, the book! This month’s book was Royal Bastards by Andrew Shvarts. This was a HIGHLY anticipated book and I’m so excited to own a copy of the book! The book was beautifully wrapped in this black tissue paper and with a red ribbon. The book and bookmark both matched the colored worms in the box and this just made the box look so profession and beautiful.


Verdict: Overall I fell in love with this subscription box company with this box. I was already friends with Kailey and I was helping her out on her June box, but I never owned a box of hers until now. I honestly will be subscribing to this box company because it was so much nicer than some of the other bigger book sub boxes I’ve had in the past and this was the best themed box I’ve ever had out of ANY of the other numerous boxes I’ve had in the 3 years I’ve been receiving various boxes. This is a very underappreciated company and I thing that this company can really go places. Order your June box today! This June theme is #bookstafame and there will be a book sleeve in the box! Order now! Only 5 boxes left at the time of posting this review!


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