Geek at Heart Box – June!

Rate: 3/5


Price: $19.95/month plus shipping and handling. You can purchase a one-time box to test out the subscription or outright purchase a subscription. You can also choose between a shirtless option or a regular box with a shirt in it.


Products: USA and select countries. Check out their website to see which countries.


I ordered the June Leading Ladies themed box. I want to preface this with while I was happy with everything in the box I did expect more from it than what I received.


The first two items I pulled from the box were these items. The first is a Geek At Heart sticker that will go on my sticker collection and the other item is a discount code on the comic series Radio Silence. You can check out the comic here:


The next items were Game of Thrones themed. The first being an eyeshadow in the shade Sansa from Moon Glimmer Cosmetics. It’s a light pink eyeshadow that would compliment a bolder eyeshadow. The eyeshadow came in this cute bag that I’ve fallen in love with. The other item is a set of four pins with the ladies from the Game of Thrones by Snooze Labs. The pins have Sansa, Brienne, Danny, and Arya. These pins are very cute and I’ll probably take them with me to the UK on my carry on!


The next items were Wonder Woman themed. The first is a pair of ankle socks (mislabeled) from Bioworld. I love ankle socks and I’m very excited to be seeing the new Wonder Woman movie soon so I’ll definitely be wearing these when I go. The second item is a Wonder Woman Bath Bomb. It’s label says it’s Rose and Gold and it’s the “Bath Bomb of Truth!”. My bath bomb did come broken, but I think it’ll be fine to use.


The last sets of items were Buffy the Vampire Slayer themed. The first was this adorable Daria-esque style bookmark from Jane’s Tiny Things. My bookmark contained Buffy and it has a quote on the back that says “If the apocalypse comes, beep me”. The second item was this shirt from Textual Tees. It says Sunnydale High School Slayer’s Club 1999 and the shirt did fit me.


Verdict: I feel that the box didn’t include enough leading ladies. I have shelves full of famous leading ladies in books, shows, and more. The box only contained items from 3 different leading ladies not counting the discount code on the comic series. Buffy seems a bit dated to me. The Game of Thrones girls are popular, but not everyone enjoys the show. And Wonder Woman is a new movie that just came out and is the most recognizable superhero in my honest opinion. I feel that the box could have included other items from more leading ladies such as the Hunger Games, PORTAL, Doctor Who companions, Star Wars, etc. I also had an issue with two of the items in the box. The first issue was the Sansa eyeshadow. I get that the box is more geared towards females, but I think that guys could order this box too. That being said some males might not like eyeshadow. Some might, but others might not. I just feel like eyeshadow and makeup in a box is a huge hit or miss item. My second issue is that the Wonder Woman socks were labeled as “knee high socks” but they are obviously ankle socks. The mislabeling wasn’t a fault on the box, but on the company and it made the box look bad in my opinion. Overall, I think this was a fun box but this month’s theme didn’t strike me as a competitor against other geek boxes like 1UP box or Lootcrate. The next month’s theme is Across the Universe and I’m willing to bet that the stars align to make that box a big bang!


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