June 2017 – Indie Book Connect 

Rate: 5/5

Price: $20.00 USD for a month-to- month subscription without tax applied. The company also offers a 3 month prepay ($57.00 USD), a 6 month prepay ($105.00 USD), and a 12 month prepay ($192.00 USD).
Products: Two AUTOGRAPHED books wrote by indie authors that you won’t find in popular stores such as Books a Million or Barnes and Noble and at least one bookmark!

Ships: USA with $5.00 USD shipping and other destinations for $25.00 USD.

I am a rep for this company. I received this box for free in exchange for promotion of the box. This did not influence my decision in any way.

I received the June box. With every box you receive a card with a Stephen King quote and a reminder to leave reviews on the books you read. These help the authors and publishing companies out tremendously. You also receive the URL to the Goodreads book club discussion board that Indie Book Connect hosts.

The first item I received was this nice bookmark. It’s titled Mary by Jane Purser. I couldn’t find a price for the item unfortunately, but it is very good quality. It’s sturdy, resistant to easy bends, and it reminds me of pride and prejudice for some reason. 

The next item was Cedwig: People in the Vines by Rani Divine. This item retells for 7.99 USD on Kindle. Amazon doesn’t list a paperback version so I’m very happy we were able to receive one for this box. It came with a pamphlet from the publishing company about the second book and info about the company. It also came signed.

The last item was Heart of Dixie by Ruthie Henrick. This item usually retells for 12.99 USD on Kindle and there is no paperback price listed. The item came with a bookmark with a quote and a list of the authors social media accounts and the book was signed. 

Verdict: I love this box and I love how unqiue it is. It brings indie books to an audience that might not otherwise see them. And you definately get your moneys worth with this box! I was very happy with my June box and I can’t wait for the limited edition box! Use my coupon code from the sidebar to get 10% off your order!


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