June 2017 – Barkbox

Rate: 5/5
Price: $29 USD/month for box to box or you could buy a subscription: a 6 month is $25 USD/month and a 12 month is $21 USD/month. You can choose from 3 different sizes depending on your pups size (a small, medium, or large dog). They also offer heavy chewer and allergic customization for your pup!!! (Thanks Annie from Barkbox for the info!!!)
Products: Two toys and usually three treats! You can also join the extra toy or extra treat club for more treats or toys for your pup! The treats are USA or Canadian made and are healthy for your pup and Barkbox employs a huge team of testers to make sure the toys are enjoyable! (And they are the most adorable testers ever!)

Ships: USA and Canada!

I received the June dinosaur themed box! With every box you get these fun cards. This one you could use to see what type of dinosaur your pup is! What’s yours? Mine is a lazy-saurous

The first items we unearthed were the toys! Wilbur the Wooly Mammoth (retails for $8 USD) and  Airborne Archie (retails for $10 USD) made a big impression on my own blogger pup! She immediately grabbed Archie and started gnawing on him. Her favorite toys are the crinkly stuffless toys, which Archie is. Wilbur is more of an​ stuffed toy with a squeaky, but she took it from the box as well.

The next items were the treats! Daisy immediately ate the pork roll from Sawmill Creek Smokehouse. This retails for $3-4 USD and comes in a 6inch or an 8inch. This stick was all natural. The other two treats that came in the box were Dental Pleasers in vanilla flavor and Jurrasic Pork. The Dental Pleasers retail for $8 USD and they’re made by No Grainers. They’re marketed to give dogs fresh breath… But I’m not about to smell my dogs breath lol. I’ve made that mistake once before. Jurrasic Pork retails for $8 USD and is made by Barkbox and American Hound. The treats are made from pork and sweet potatoes and they, as are all of the treats, are made in the USA.

Verdict: I loved this box! My husband and I are lovers of Jurassic Park and anything dinosaur related, so this box was perfect. BUT above all my pup enjoyed it and that’s the most important thing. She ate the pork roll in one sitting and she plays with her new toys. I’ve never been completely disappointed in this box and I’ve been subbed off and on for 4 or 5 years. The combined price of the box is $38 USD and I only paid $29 for this box! So, is this box worth it? Yes for sure if you have a deserving pup and like USA made items. For myself and my pup, we’ll continue to partake in these wonderful boxes. 


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