Enchanted Book Box – June 2017 Limited Edition Box

Rate: 5/5


Price: $65.00 USD/month plus shipping and handling. This was a limited edition box and a new limited edition box was just announced for August. Make sure to get yours today!


Products: 14 bookish items. The company tries to use handmade products from Etsy or other shops you see on bookstagram and the box offers a ton of exclusives that you can only get by ordering this box.


Ships to: USA and most countries.


This was Enchanted Book Box’s first limited edition box and the theme was A Court of Thrones! This was an everything Sarah J Maas themed box and while I’m not the biggest SJM fan I fell in love with this box from beginning to end! Upon opening this box there was a beautiful black glittery wrapping paper and white “worms” surrounding the contents. The info card was neatly on top and it looks beautiful! It features both main characters from the series on the card and details all of the contents and where they come from.


The first items I pulled out of the box were items that Kailey aka the owner of Enchanted Book Box made herself. The first was this beautiful mug that reads Victim of Maas Destruction. While the decal was from TheBookishCo, Kailey applied the decal to the mugs and packaged them herself. The tote design was all done by Kailey and I am SO EXCITED to use this! Mug estimated price is $4 USD for just a regular white mug, decal an estimated $4 USD at least. Tote estimated price is $2 USD for just a regular canvas tote bag, unknown price for the software to make the design.


The next items were two candles. The first candle was from FlickTheWick and it is called Stars Eternal. It smells like night, ocean, and citrus. It’s an exclusive for this box and an estimated price is unknown, but 8 ounce candles are listed at about $16 USD on the website. The other candle was called The Glass Castle and it smells like salty sea air, sweet melon, cucumber water, and sea kelp. Estimated price is about $8 USD.


The next items were three bookmarks. Two of the bookmarks were a set from knightmaredaydreams. Estimated price is about $4 USD. The other bookmark was a beautiful woodmark from inkandwonder.designs. The estimated price was about $7 USD, $8.99 in AUS. Both of these bookmarks are so beautiful and I can’t wait to use them!


The next items were stickers!! The couples stickers were designed by meabhd redbubble. Estimated price is about $3 USD each, so $12 USD. The Women of ToG Sticker was designed by Tasia M S Redbubble. Estimated price is about $3 USD. Lastly, the Celaena Sticker was designed by Mymugglemerch and the estimated price of it is about $3 USD.


The next items were a miscellaneous bunch. The first was a letter from a book boyfriend. The letter was “penned” by Azriel and was designed by _bookified. The letter is an exclusive text and the estimated price is about $4 USD, but because the text is exclusive then I will estimate for the custom option which is about $9 USD. The box also included a tattoo of the Night Court from bookmarkdtattoos. The estimated price is about  $4 USD. The other beautiful item is a stunning silhouette bookmark from bookofshadowsstudio. The estimated price is $7 USD.


The final items were pieces of artwork. The ACOWAR artwork is from dorothyreads and the estimated price is usually $15 USD (it seems to be on sale on the website for $11.25 USD if you want to buy yourself a copy). The other piece of artwork from ToG was designed by akoreanseoul and the estimated price is about $7 USD.


Verdict: For the first limited edition box I feel that Enchanted Book Box knocked it out of the park! The estimated value of this box is around $89 USD and that’s without the prices of some of the products. It would be safe to say that the true estimated price of the box is upwards of about or over $100 USD. You are getting a ton of exciting and functional items for your everyday life or for props from this box and it seems that with this box I always get more items for less money than I would have to pay out of pocket for each and every item individually. I recommend this box for everyone and I highly suggest everyone try out this box at least once. I can’t wait for the next limited edition box!


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