July 2017 – Barkbox

Rate: 5/5

Price: $29 USD/month for box to box or you could buy a subscription: a 6 month is $25 USD/month and a 12 month is $21 USD/month. You can choose from 3 different sizes depending on your pups size (a small, medium, or large dog). They also offer heavy chewer and allergic customization for your pup!!! (Thanks Annie from Barkbox for the info!!!)

Products: Two toys and usually three treats! You can also join the extra toy or extra treat club for more treats or toys for your pup! The treats are USA or Canadian made and are healthy for your pup and Barkbox employs a huge team of testers to make sure the toys are enjoyable! (And they are the most adorable testers ever!)


Ships: USA and Canada!


It’s that time again! Time for another barkbox unboxing with my favorite dog daughter named Daisy! I did a live unboxing with her on my instagram page, so if you’re not following that please go ahead and do so!


This month’s theme seemed to be A Lick in Wonderland and so now I get to slowly corrupt my pup into liking Alice and Wonderland as much as I do! Also, this card punches out and you can take a picture of your pup with the hashtag #waghatter.


The first two items we unboxed were the toys! The first was the Rare Bespectacled Hare. This item retails for $12 USD on the Bark Shop website. The rabbit is very stuffed in the head region with a squeaker and the ears are made of the crinkly material. The second was A Most Curious Croquet Mallet which retailed for $10 USD on the Bark Shop as well. It’s mostly made with the crinkly material and is not very plushy. The neck on it is rubber and would be a great teether toy for young pups.


The last items we unboxed were the treats. Daisy received the Chicken Nibbles, We All Wag Here, and the Rabbit Recipe from Etta Says. The Chicken Nibbles are actually training treats. They’re wheat fee, corn fee, and soy free and they’re made in the USA. They are made from American Hound and Barkbox and they retail for $6 USD on the Barkshop. We All Wag Here is made with real salmon, is wheat free, and is also made in the USA. This also retails for $6 USD on the Barkshop and this one is hypoallergenic. The last treat we received that Daisy ate right away was the Rabbit Recipe from Etta Says.  It is low fat, made with all natural ingredients, and is made in the USA. This retails for $3 USD and is the perfect treat for any pup who likes to chew!


Verdict: While the total price of the box barely outranks the price per box ($37 USD is what the box is worth and the box itself is worth anywhere from $29 – $35 USD) I believe this would be my favorite box from Barkbox so far. I loved the theme and my pup has loved all the items in the box. Usually there is a toy or a treat she’s not a fan of per box, but she fell in love with this box as much as I did!! I would love to see Barkbox do more literary boxes like this one because then Daisy and I could enjoy them together.


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