The Darkening Dragons by Sarah Everest

Rating: 4/5

Genre: Fantasy

Recommended Age: 14+ (some violence and gore).

Favorite Quote: “I suppose you have a choice to make. You can continue along in the life you have been living, you can identify yourself with your job, but I see in your eyes that this is not who you are. This is not what makes you happy.” 
I received a free copy of this book for the purposes of hosting the blog tour and giving an honest review.
After the death of his father, Tucker gave up his dreams to take care of his mother. Reluctantly he followed in his father’s footsteps and became a truck driver. Every day was as predictable as his truck route and Tucker slowly gave up his hopes for a different life until he finds a girl in the middle of the road. Evil threatens to destroy Ravinna’s world unless Tucker chooses to believe her and accept her challenge to become a dragon slayer. –
I, like many kids, were told many tales of dragons while growing up. But they were just stories… right? That’s the situation Tucker finds himself in when picking up a hitchhiker leads to an adventure he could not have imagined. I read this book wide eyed and with enthusiasm. I found the writing superb and the character development wonderful. The characters each had a distinct “voice” and I could “hear” them perfectly. The writing was well done as well. You don’t feel as if you’re reading an almost 400 page book because the words envelope you completely.
The only thing I had issue with about this book was that I felt the book was a little fast paced and the overall plot a bit confusing. The ending was a tad confusing for me and I felt I had more questions then answers. I also didn’t like how the magic wasn’t explained very well in the book and how nonchalant the book was in concerns with the overall world building. I felt the book would have benefitted from being slowed down, having the world a bit more explained, and having the plot and climax dragged out a bit more so the audience had time to contemplate it and understand it. However, I did enjoy the book and I loved that the book was told from two male perspectives. You don’t see that in many YA books and I’m glad to have found a book that does so in a sea of female pov stories. I recommend this book for any child or adult (male or female) who has ever wandered what would happen if the old tales of dragons were actually true.


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