August 2017 – MsKoolsCrafts package review

Note: I am a rep for this company and I received my items for a discount. This did not influence or sway my opinion.
Rating: 5/5


Price: Varies with the products. Anywhere between $5 – $50+.


Products: Jewelry, purses, baby/toddler items, and more! All handmade with love and one of a kind accessories! If there’s something you want in a different color or such, contact the owner to request a custom item!


Ships: USA, Canada, and various other countries. Processing and shipping times vary.


Hi guys! I was recently appointed a representative of Ms. Kools Crafts’ and I got to order some adorable items from her shop! So I chose the three above (although I was super tempted to purchase more!).


The items I bought were the Ravenclaw Golden Snitch beaded bracelet, the Deathly Hollows necklace, and a crochet bubble purse. The bracelet is worth $8.14, the purse was worth $22.45, and I can’t remember exactly how much the necklace was worth but it was around $5.82. The purse is a perfect fit for my NOOK, which is what I primarily bought it for. The necklace is braided so it won’t irritate anyone who has allergies… like me lol. Lastly, the bracelet is my favorite. It’s so beautiful and it perfectly represents my House pride. It is also light and doesn’t snag on my skin or clothes.


Verdict: While the shipping is pricey for me (since the company is located in Canada) I think it’s worth paying for. The items I got were absolutely gorgeous and I love wearing my bracelet everywhere I go! I can’t wait to order more items from this store, especially that stunning Belle inspired bracelet! If you want to give this company a try (and I highly suggest you do) then remember to use my code at checkout to get 10% off: BUTTERFLY10

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