Tightrope Walker by Shaun Hume

Rating: 3/5


Genre: Fantasy


Recommended Age: 13+ (some mature scenes such as violence and some innuendos)


I received a free e-book copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review. This did not influence my decision in any way.


Hetta is a Tightrope Walker. A leader of armies. She has been one all her life. But Hetta has just turned thirteen, and there has never been a thirteen year old Tightrope Walker. Ever. Is she too old to do her duty? Is she too old to walk upon the field of battle and survive? – Amazon.com


I like female characters that don’t have a love interest. So when I read this book I was super excited to have that! Not a lot of books seem to have that a lot of days, but that’s a rant for another time. ANYWAYS, let’s talk about this book. I liked this book for a variety of reasons. I liked the whole premise around the book and the plot. The plot was very well developed and it had me guessing what would happen til the end. The pacing was also very well done. It was a tad slow at times, but mostly it was very well done. The writing was excellent and it was a very easy read.


There were some concerning areas of this book as well. I didn’t feel that the characters were very well developed. I didn’t understand why some of the characters did the things they did. I felt that the book had a lot of unnecessary parts in it. I also felt that the book was weird for the sake of being weird. It’s not bad that a book is weird. Some of the more enjoyable books I’ve read have been in the genre of weird fiction. The concerning part is when they are weird for the sake of shock value. I felt that the book could have made some more inspirational connection with these weird moments, and if they did then I completely missed it. While I did have some concerning things regarding this book I did enjoy it overall and I liked Hetta as a solo character. I’d definitely recommend this for any reader who likes fantasy.


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