August 2017 Barkbox!

Rate: 5/5

Price: $29 USD/month for box to box or you could buy a subscription: a 6 month is $25 USD/month and a 12 month is $21 USD/month. You can choose from 3 different sizes depending on your pups size (a small, medium, or large dog). They also offer heavy chewer and allergic customization for your pup!!! (Thanks Annie from Barkbox for the info!!!)

Products: Two toys and usually three treats! You can also join the extra toy or extra treat club for more treats or toys for your pup! The treats are USA or Canadian made and are healthy for your pup and Barkbox employs a huge team of testers to make sure the toys are enjoyable! (And they are the most adorable testers ever!)

Ships: USA and Canada!

It’s that time again! Time for another barkbox unboxing with my favorite dog daughter named Daisy! I did a live unboxing with her on my instagram page, so if you’re not following that please go ahead and do so!


This month’s theme was Invasion of the Space Squirrels! The first items in this box I pulled out was this cute info card with decoder glasses and a promo card which states that Barkbox and Target have teamed up!


The first usable items for Daisy I always pull out are the toys. This box she got Peaceful Percy the Space Squirrel ($10.00 on the barkshop) and the Set to Fun! Ray Gun! ($8.00 on the barkshop). Percy is a stuffed (but not overly stuffed) toy with a single squeaker, which Daisy will love. The ray gun is a harder chew toy with a shaking squeaker in it. She’s not shown a real interest in this toy, so this might go to one of my husband’s and mine’s friends dogs.


The next items we pulled out were the treats! This box contained a 4 oz bag of Bark Pops in the Rotisserie Chicken Flavor ($10.00 at the barkshop), a 5 oz bag of Flying Saucer snacks ($6.00 at the barkshop), and a pig ear chew ($2.50 at the barkshop, sold out currently). All of these items are made in the USA and are all natural. The pig ear is gluten free and the flying saucer treats are allergy safe. Daisy did not care for the pig ear chew or the bark pops, but she LOVED the flying saucer treats!


Verdict: Overall, I still really enjoy my subscription to Barkbox and Daisy does too. While this box had a lot of items that Daisy did not like we do have a lot of doggie friends (I’m talking to you Troy and Winston!) that might love these treats! So while it’s very possible you might get a box where a lot of the items are not favorable to your pup, but then that gives you reason to go visit your friends with dogs homes and bring the treats your dog didn’t like! Definitely give this box a try if you have a pup!


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