The Outcasts Dreams 2: Poetry for Dreamers by Julia McKenzie

Rating: 4/5


Genre: Poetry


Recommended Age: 12+ (some slightly mature poems, trigger warning for one in particular that talks about depression)


I was presented with a free copy of this book by the author in exchange for a review. This did not sway my decisions in any manner.
Inspirational poetry for the Dreamers to out there. Let the poetry soak into your spirit and get you through the harsh realities of life. Let the Dreamers be understood and relate to this second collection of poetry. –
I’m not a big poetry person, but I do enjoy reading it when I’m feeling down or out of sorts. So something like this book was a great thing to read when I’ve had a long day. It’s very calming in that it has a nice tempo and that it doesn’t have any twists and turns or anything like that. It’s also very inspirational. The book dealt with some serious issues that almost everyone deals with in life and it gives a message to hope and strength to those still dealing with those issues. The book is also pretty well written and is just very beautiful.


However, probably because I’m not a bit poetry person, I did have some issues connecting with the poems and becoming involved in them. I couldn’t get “lost” in them and I felt a little disconnect. However, I might just be the oddball who can’t get into poetry no matter how much I enjoy it. I also became confused when researching this book as there are two copies but with a different total number of pages on the website where I received this book.


Verdict: I think this book is a great one to read when you’re down or when you just need something very calming to read. It gives you hope and a change to just have a calm, relaxing read. If you’re a poetry reader, I suggest this book to you.


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