Path of Lucas: The Journey He Endured by Susanne Bellefeuille

Rating: 4/5


Genre: General Fiction/Biography (based on a true story)


Recommended Age: 13+ (some mature topics, but wrote in a way that wouldn’t scare young children)


I received a free copy of this book from Black Chateau in exchange for promotion and for my honest review. This did not sway my opinion in any way.


Thick white fog, headlights coming straight-on, and a violent car accident. A devoted father, Lucas confronts what parents fear most as he clutches his daughter’s hand in the hospital. The doctors say she has severe head trauma and there is little hope. Her fate will be decided in the next twenty-four hours.

Lucas is forced to wait, but he doesn’t give up hope. He talks to his daughter, fighting to break through, and what unfolds is his story of love, his dreams, and the struggles he endured keeping his family together.

A striking glimpse into midcentury farm life near the small town of Alexandria in Ontario Canada, discover that no path is simple. Choices are hard, and Lucas must decide between realizing his dreams and fighting to keep his family together.

Told through his daughter’s eye, this biography is a true story of family, faith, and purpose, set in 1950s Canada up to today. Lucas’ legacy is one we all can learn from and cherish. –



Life seems to take some very strange and unexpected turns. Where you think your life is going can be grossly different than where it lands. I’ve experienced this phenomenon, same as the main character in this book: Lucas! This book is a beautiful, poignant tale about a man named Lucas and his whole life as he tells it to his daughter while she is in a coma after a horrible car crash. His story is amazing and gorgeous and the tale he tells is just as awesome. The character development in the book was very detailed and the story was very well developed. The pacing wasn’t forced and it flowed with natural ease. It was very reminiscent of my grandfather telling me his stories when I was younger. The author has an amazing talent for writing. The book was very well written and was very easy to read. In fact, I read it within a day!


However, there were some concerns I had with the book. I felt that there were so many characters in the book that were stated but then never discussed ever again. In the beginning the reader is introduced to a huge cast of characters and 75% of them are never really mentioned again in the book. If they are it’s very short. This can be overwhelming for some readers. I also felt that all of these characters came off as too good to be true almost. Every family member has their secrets, but in the personal detail of this family’s life I feel that their skeletons were too well hidden.


Verdict: This book is a very well written book that is suitable for younger readers as well as older readers. It’s inspirational in that it shows that while life may look hard and difficult, there is some good that happens at the end. This is the cycle of life: there is good and then bad and then good again. It’s a natural ebb and flow. If you like memoirs or clean romance/drama then this book is for you and I recommend it to you and anyone who wants a change from the YA Fantasy books.


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