Unwilling by K.D. Wood

Rating: 4/5


Genre: YA Paranormal Romance


Recommended Age: 15+ (slightly mature scenes)


I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This did not sway my opinion of the book in any way.


Neely McIntire’s dreams warn her about the future but will not protect her from the danger hiding in plain sight. On graduation night, she plans to tell her best friend, Hayden Nelson, that she’s in love with him. Instead, they argue. Neely’s hurt feelings leave her vulnerable, giving her secret admirer, Andrew Huckley, the opportunity to put his mother’s monstrous plan into motion. When Neely gives into her broken heart and pushes him away, Hayden knows he must fight to recapture the spark he felt in their last kiss. But will he find her in time to reverse the damage or will she be changed forever?


I never went to parties in high school, but if wanted to this book would scare me away from them forever. This book is a perfect Halloween book that details what happens to one of our protagonists one night after graduation. The story is perfectly told for the most part. The plot development and pacing is perfect, I loved how the dream moments were told and utilized, and I loved how vivid the characters were for the most part. Even the “villains” were very vivid and had some serious character development. The book was very well written and the book is very easy to read. On Amazon the book is suggested for those that are 18 and over. While there are some suggestive scenes and mild language, I don’t believe that the book should just be limited to 18 years old, but to those that can handle mature scenes in books.


While I did like this book I did feel that Neely’s character fell flat and that the dream sequence can be very confusing to understand in the beginning. I also want to point out if you don’t like books from multiple POV then this book might not be for you.




Verdict: I am a little disappointed in Neely’s character (although she is very confused throughout the majority of the novel so maybe there is a reason behind her behavior), but I believe this book would be an excellent Halloween read this season! If you enjoy being scared and like paranormal romances, then this book is for you.


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