December 2018 – The Bookie Box Train Wreck (BUYER BEWARE ALERT)



Disclaimer: None, I unfortunately spent my money on this and I regret it every single day.

Rating: 0.5/5

Price: $37 with a subscription that is now cancelled.

Products: Each box comes with a new Young adult book release, a exclusive candle either an 8 oz or 4 oz, an exclusive bookmark, and 2-3 other bookish goodies.

Ships To: USA and international

Contents: This month’s theme was Genetically Modified

  • 4 ounce candle that is Warcross themed by That Bookie Candles
    • Price: $8.00
  • Cinder inspired magnet by The Bookie Box
    • Estimated Price: $1.50 (based on price of materials)
  • Pin Holder (rustic??) by Candle Bliss (another company owned by Julia)
    • Estimated Price: $5.00 (based on price of materials and size)
  • LifeLike Bookmark by That Bookie Candles
    • Price: $5.00
  • Lip Scrub inspired by The Lunar Chronicles
    • Estimated Price: $.25 (based on size and price of materials)
  • Book: Stronger, Faster, and More Beautiful by Arwen Elys Dayton
    • Price: $18.99

Estimated Total of Box: $38.74

Verdict: This box was, in short, shit. Let’s start from the top and work our way down. The candle that was included in the box was not what was promised by the company. The company promised a 9 ounce and did not let any customers know that they changed the size of the candle. The candle was also covered in a ton of glitter, which is a hazard, and it isn’t even a full sized 4 ounce candle. The candle is probably about 3.5 ounces. I never received the magnet that was promised by the company and, while I did get in contact with the company, I doubt I will ever receive the product. The pin holder was described as rustic to me, but in reality it is crap. The product is poorly designed and sewed. The glue is coming apart and is overfilled on one end. The product is fraying and easily rips apart. Pulling on the holder with minimal force causes the wood piece to strain and bow. The string is weak and was snapping on one end by the time I got the product. The “design” of the pin holder doesn’t match the box. Why would you include a rustic piece in a sci-fi inspired box? The bookmark is wonderfully well made, as all of Julia’s bookmarks are. The lip scrub was DISGUSTING! The product is super small and it burst in transit to my house. The product was included in a condiment container is barely bigger than my thumb. The product was melting when it reached me and was super sticky. The book was included in a box smaller than it should have been. The book has some damage to the spine and parts of the cover are bent. Instead of being placed in the box horizontal, it was placed vertical, which leaves it more subject to damage since those sides are not as well protected as the others. I also received a random print of what I believe is Mor from ACOTAR, which again doesn’t fit the theme. I am left wondering if I received that instead of the magnet because it definitely isn’t magnetic. In short, this box was a sham. The company also promised to include a big wearable item, but failed to do so. The company claims it sent out an email about the issue, but I and others did not receive the email. I have yet to find someone that did receive this so called email. The company refuses to issue refunds, stating that if we didn’t like the box then we don’t deserve a refund as per her policy. What Julia fails to realize is that it’s not that we don’t like the box, it’s that the items in it failed to meet our expectations and the promised items were not included. This can be called False Advertisement. The company is also closing up shop in March, but is now offering free shipping on her boxes domestically (USA). She is also opening up a new candle box and is going to do boxes through there, which defeats the purpose and contradicts her stated reasons for ending the bookie box in March. In short and in my own personal opinion, this is a definite BUYER BEWARE box. This is not the first box from this company that had significant issues and this company has had known problems for far too long in my opinion. I regret ever promoting the box and, as such, I have taken down all videos and blog posts promoting the box. I am sorry if anyone has bought a box based on recommendations from me and if you are now in the same dilemma I am. If you have a box that you are unsatisfied with or haven’t received the box yet I implore you to call your credit card company and file a chargeback or to get in contact with PayPal. This is your money, protect it at all costs and don’t get conned into paying for bad boxes or items.

4 thoughts on “December 2018 – The Bookie Box Train Wreck (BUYER BEWARE ALERT)

  1. I feel terrible for the author of the book. Between this hot mess of a box and Kimmer promoting the book, I know I won’t touch it with a ten foot pole. I know it’s probably not fair to the author but publishers (and authors if it’s in their control) need to really be more careful about who they work with. These ridiculous companies and people aren’t just tarnishing their names. They’re tarnishing the names of the authors/publishers/other companies associated with them.


      1. He mansplained that we were all doing bookstagram wrong. We should be getting paid to do it. You could apply to “rep” for him where he would “train” you and you’d get a certificate when you’re done. He would even personally vouch for you to companies you applied to rep for. 🙄

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  2. I called him out on that bullshit too and provided free info on how to be a rep that was backed by faecrate and xenatine. People don’t need to pay for someone else to teach you how to do something that’s for an online hobby. Job? Depends. Bookstagram? 99.9% of the time no 😂


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