The Monster of Selkirk: The Spark of Divinity by C.E. Clayton Book Tour!

the monster of selkirk.png
Synopsis: Tallis is now the secret weapon in Lady Zofia’s attempts to claim the Arcadian throne.  But as the players vying for the crown are revealed, victory is far from assured.  Marcelina’s rescue becomes the key to unlocking the army Tallis so desperately needs. But with Tomas and Colben sent on a mission without Tallis, Rosslyn, or Adelaide, things get more complicated–and bloodier–awakening something in Tallis she’s not certain she can cage ever again.
With the elves god-like trees falling ill and driven to madness under mysterious circumstances, Tallis suspects she and Colben may not be as unique as she originally thought. As Tallis races to uphold her end of Lady Zofia’s bargain and confront Lord Bogdan, the presence of pirates from Andor and a familiar face from Theda put all their lives in jeopardy.

Tallis and her friends soon discover that Tallis isn’t the only one capable of enacting a catastrophic prophecy, and if Tallis doesn’t return to Selkirk soon it may be lost forever.

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