Sunday Update #1

Okay so I managed to get 3 books read during my huge readathon! Yay me! I finished Brightly Burning and books 3 and 4 of The Monster of Selkirk series. I’ve started Stalking Jack the Ripper and I think I know who the killer is already lol. But it’s good so far. I’m slightly stressing about the end of the month looming near us. I have so many books I still got to read, so for the forseeable future here’s my plan:


Hunting Prince Dracula

Escaping from Houdini

End of the World and Beyond (arc) (due by 1/29)

Once Upon a What (arc) (due by 1/29)

Romanov arc


Imprison the Sky

The Disasters

Give The Dark My Love


Then I should be free for February! My plans for February are to pick 3 ebook arcs, 3 review books, and my book club reads. Then to go back and forth between review physical books and review ebook books. Hopefully this will get me through my backup reviews sooner rather than later. I plan to be caught up by March…. Hopefully.


I’m also going to email publishers! I’m so nervous to do so even though I’ve worked with a few before. Wish me luck!


What are your tips and tricks for getting through a mountain of review books?