Beauty in Battle by Robin Patchen

Disclaimer: I received this book from JustRead Tours. Thanks! All opinions are my own.


Book Series: #3 of the Beauty in Flight Series


Rating: 3/5


Publication Date: April 9, 2019


Genre: Suspense


Recommended Age: 15+ (violence, crime)


Publisher: JDO Publishing


Pages: 137


Amazon Link


Synopsis: Book 3 in the Beauty in Flight Series: 

The truth is out, but will it set her free, or will it land her in the grave?

The last thing Harper wants is to do is return Maryland to face the police and explain the mess she left behind, but with Red safe and the authorities waiting, she has little choice. At least Jack didn’t abandon her, even after he discovered her lies.

Now that Jack knows the truth about Harper, his feelings for her are deeper than ever. Jack isn’t about to leave her side, and he’ll protect her from anybody who tries to hurt her–or die trying.

But Derrick is on their trail, and he’s the least of their problems. How can they battle both Derrick and the killer who hides in the shadows?

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Review: I felt that this book was a pretty good ending to the entire series. It ended well and I felt like I got closure where I needed it. The writing was still well done and the pacing still consistent.


However, I felt like this book was a bit like the first one. It was a lot of non-action and explanation. I felt that the book could have done better by making this series into one book, then cutting out and trimming down some of the excess. I think this series could have been more suspenseful too, but it just feels like a lot like a amateur detective novel. Some of the misconceptions about criminal justice are displayed here and they continue to annoy me as much as always.


Verdict: I feel like this should have been one book.

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