Summer With Charles by Kayleigh Peters

Summer With Charles - High Resolution (1)
Tour Schedule:
April 22 – Paige (@popthebutterfly)
April 23 – Becca (@ernest.bookingway)
April 24 – JP (
April 25 – Stacie (@borenbooks)
April 26 – Jasmine (@thefreckledmind)
Sadie thought she was running away.

She’s really running to find her way home.

Sadie has driven across the country to Forest Falls Lodge. When she was young, Sadie and her mother, Dawn, spent a desperate summer at the resort under the care of Dawn’s best friend, Val.

Now Dawn is gone, and Sadie needs help of her own. Can Val be the hero once again?

Sadie isn’t the only one to come home. Val recently hired Charles to help around the resort. But when he bumps into Sadie, he thinks his past has come back to haunt him.

He needs this job, but he needs to escape his past even more. Can he survive at the lodge, knowing Sadie will be a constant reminder of poor decisions he’s previously made?

Find out in the first book of the hot new series, Love at the Lodge. Pick up a copy of Summer with Charles today.

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