FaeCrate’s June 2019 Trial Run Unboxing!

Disclaimer: I bought this box on my own!

Rating: 2/5

Price: $33.32/month. Discounts with rep codes and bigger sub months.

Products: Fae Crate is a magically tailored book box that features Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction themes. Each box will include a hardback new release, and a minimum of 4-6 bookish goodies all focused on the theme for the month. And don’t forget the t-shirt!

Ships To: USA (based) and worldwide!

Contents: I got the June “Trial Run” box. Inside was:

  • Gilded Wolves car coasters by @reading.revelry
    • Estimated Price: $3
  • Prythian Globe
    • Estimated Price: $10
  • Six of Crows Wristband
    • Estimated Price: $3
  • Ready Player One Puzzle
    • Estimated Price: $10
  • TBR Drawstring Bag
    • Estimated Price: $3
  • Raven Cycle Collectable Coin
    • Estimated Price: $10
  • Warcross Collector’s Polaroid by @eklixio
    • Estimated Price: $3
  • Caraval Shirt by @vergeofwisteria (price not included since I didn’t get that box)
    • Estimated Price: $10
  • The Rest is Silence by Chii Rempel
    • Estimated Price: $3.98
  • Red Labyrinth by Meredith Tate
    • Estimated Price: $18

Estimated Total of Box: $63.98

Verdict: Okay I have a lot to say about this box. Let’s start with the items. While the car coasters are unique, they’re not that great of quality. The image is a bit blurry on mine and honestly I don’t have car coasters this small so I wouldn’t use them. The globe… oh dear God this globe. It looks really slapped together at the last minute. On mine, parts of the globe are a bit blurry and the edges don’t line up at several points around the globe. The colors are also really randomly placed (like art that’s been rained on look) and it’s just not like the picture whatsoever. The wristband is…. A wristband that’s all it is lol. Nothing special about it. It’s so unextrodinary that I forgot it was in this box. To be honest I’m not sure if it’s in mine at all LOL. I’ll have to check. The puzzle isn’t amazing. It’s basically a print they sent through to something like shutterfly or wal-mart and had made into puzzle pieces. I have one like this that my husband’s parents made for us when we got married. It was like $10 for them to do ours, if that. It’s a cheap novelty gift that you can easily make for people. The drawstring bag is terrible. I expected something extraordinary with color and a cute image but this would be some cheap thing you could find in a dollar store. It’s really unimpressive and not up to the faecrate standards as they’ve previously set for themselves. The Polaroid is cute and the coin is… a coin. I don’t like the fandom on the coin so it’ll be given away to someone. And lastly, onto my rant about the book. The books that Faecrate uses for the special edition covers are from a small publisher (lovestruck and red labyrinth) or from indie authors (vortex visions). I have no problem with them using these for their books of the month, but it doesn’t peek my interest anymore. The covers aren’t that different (if at all) from the original and, in the instance of vortex visions, the books are sometimes apart of larger series. The biggest change seems to be the addition of the faecrate seal… and that’s not going to cut it for me anymore. I’d rather spend the money I have on a box where I can get a book. I also want to add that this box arrived late (middle of July) and faecrate did not update their instagram about the box’s statuses except for a handful of times. I have to wonder if faecrate has run themselves too thin and if the boxes are suffering because of it. I’m anticipating to read. So, for me, this was the end of my Faecrate journey (unless I get July’s box in my mail, not sure if I already paid for that or not and with their lack of a cancellation policy I’m stuck with what I buy).

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