The Bookish Tea – Are Faecrate’s Signed Bookplates not that Signed?

Hey bookies!

If you’re following me on Instagram you should be aware of the drama that popped up late last night/this morning. Here’s a recap in case you’re confused and I’ll update the post as needed:

° Late Wednesday night (August 7) a post was made to the infamous Book Box Sherlocks page in a discussion chat about Faecrate’s late shipping. The poster claimed that the bookplates were not genuine, they were photocopied. Investigation occurred with another poster showing close up shots of the bookplate which showed *lines* in the signature, which is what occurs when you print out book plates.

° I decided to message the author on Instagram and she confirmed the book plates aren’t signed, they’re printed:

° Other authors were also messaged, at this time only Joanna Hathaway responded by saying her book plates were “definitely original”. An email and dm to the publishing company of Red Labyrinth has also been contacted.

° Other Bookplates are suspected to be printed as well, including Lovestruck and Outrun the Wind.

° Faecrate had posted on their Instagram about the Bookplates. In the original caption of the trial run box they don’t make mention of the printed signatures, but in comments they do. And in the unboxing pictures they make mention of the “signed Bookplates”

° As of 1:45pm EST faecrate has only responded via Instagram stories, stating that they are getting with the publisher and will make an official announcement later today.

° Whatever you believe on the matter, it’s fair to say that the receivers of the books have definitely been Hoodwinked. Some of these books have already been sold with the falsified Bookplates, thus depreciating the value of the book and not making the book a true signed edition. All in all, it’ll be interesting to see what faecrate and/or the publisher says. I’ll keep you updated!

This is 10:44 at night and I’m just now getting around to updating so here we go:

° Faecrate responded!

Here’s the link to read it but in sum the publisher was the one who ordered the signatures to be printed and the book plates went to the fulfillment center without them being inspected where they were packaged and sent off. You can click the Google form to fill out if you got one of the tainted books to get a replacement bookplate but unfortunately it’ll take 4-6 weeks to be fulfilled.

Unfortunately if you purchased a book from someone else on bst sites then you’ll have to have the person who originally got the book get you a real signed book plate.

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