The Beauty of Darkness by Mary E. Pearson

Disclaimer: I bought this book for a readalong. Support your authors!Book Series: The Remnant Chronicles Book 3Rating: 2/5Diversity: n/aPublication Date: August 2, 2016Genre: YA FantasyRecommended Age: 16+ (violence, gore, romance)Publisher: Henry HoltPages: 679Amazon LinkSynopsis: Lia has survived Venda—but so has a great evil bent on the destruction of Morrighan. And only Lia can stop it.With war on the horizon, Lia has no choice but to assume her role as First Daughter, as soldier—as leader. While she struggles to reach Morrighan and warn them, she finds herself at cross-purposes with Rafe and suspicious of Kaden, who has hunted her down.In this conclusion to the Remnant Chronicles trilogy, traitors must be rooted out, sacrifices must be made, and impossible odds must be overcome as the future of every kingdom hangs in the balance.Review: Okay, so I thought this series was pretty good and I was excited to see how it would end. I felt that the characters were still well developed and the writing is really good. The world building the author does is amazing.However, I felt like 80% of this book is just filler. The book is so slow in pacing and it takes so long to get to the final battle scene, which is then a disappointment. I also felt very angry and upset about how Lia turned out in this book. The book also didn’t have a real end. It just kind of ended without a resolution.Verdict: I say to read this series, just to see if this fits you.

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