Enchanted Fandom August Monthly Box!

Disclaimer: I bought this box on my own with my own money, but I got a discount! I got a discount code for you too! Use POPFLY5 to save!

Rating: 5/5

Price: $39.99

Products: You will find items inspired by some of your favorites, such as Lunar Chronicles, Star Wars, Red Rising, Men in Black, plus so many more!

This month we are including an item we have never done before. We are sharing our big item info with you guys right away. Kimcarlika designed the perfect art to put on a Tapestry this month. This item is huge and to be honest we really cant wait to hang it above our bed!

There will also be a wearable item for your feet included in this box. Along with so many more goodies!

Ships To: USA and international

Contents: I got the Celestial Adventures box! Inside was:

  • Spoiler card art by @kimcarlika
    • Estimated Price: $2.00
  • Lunar Chronicles Tapestry by @kimcarlika
    • Estimated Price: $44.99
  • Men in Black candle by @littlemousebookshelf
    • Estimated Price: $5.00
  • Guardians of the Galaxy necklace by @elissajdesigns
    • Estimated Price: $19.99
  • Trading Card by @saraschrockart
    • Estimated Price: $1.00
  • All from Enchanted Fandom
    • Red Rising bookmarks
      • Estimated Price: $4.00
    • Aurora Rising bracelet
      • Estimated Price: $10.00
    • Firefly chapstick
      • Estimated Price: $3.00
    • Recipe card
      • Estimated Price: $2.00
    • Star Wars socks
      • Estimated Price: $4.00
    • Superman pencil bag
      • Estimated Price: $3.00

Estimated Total of Box: $98.98

Verdict: Holy cow this box was AMAZING. The tapestry is to die for, the spoiler card is going up on my wall, the bracelet will never leave my wrist, and all of the other items are just as amazing. Ethan loves the bookmarks and the cat loves the box. Altogether we’re all extremely happy. Definitely recommend this box!

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