Beacon Book Box Capturing the Devil special edition box

Disclaimer: I bought this box! Support your small businesses!Rating: 5/5Price: I believe this box was over $60.Products: items that reflect the series with a stamp of approval from Kerri!Ships To: USA and internationalContents: I got the special edition Capturing the Devil box! Included was:*Thomas Cresswell Blanket – dianadworak (EP: $25)*Audrey Rose Pillowcase – dianadworak (EP: $15)*Escaping from Houdini wallet – kdpletters (EP: $15)*Aunt Amelia’s English Tea – thesimplybookishco (EP: $5)*Hunting Prince Dracula inspired notebook – catarinabookdesigns (EP: $8)*Stalking Jack the Ripper inspired tote – stellabookishart (EP: $17)*Thomas and Audrey Rose woodmark – sjwonderlandz (EP: $4)*Team Cressworth pennant – abbeygale (EP: $8)*London, Bran Castle, RMS Eturia, and Chicago World Fair Prints – pinapali (EP: $8)*Moonlight Carnival Candles – spideyscents (EP: $8) (I got The Empress!)*Bonus content from Kerri Maniscalco*Capturing the Devil by Kerri Maniscalco signed (EP: $22)Estimated Total of Box: $135Verdict: omg this was the best special edition box I’ve ever got! I loved the blanket and the pillowcase. The bonus content is amazing and so special. The tote bag is gorgeous and I am anxious to use that wallet! I also love the candle and can’t wait to hang the prints! Also, let’s appreciate how this box came within the week the book was released. This company is the real MVP.

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