The Kingmaker Contest by Troy Clem

The Kingmaker Contest Cover.jpg


Although whale oil and muskets have replaced torches and swords, an ancient way of thinking still prevails. Men kill other men for the entertainment of thousands and a chance to be king, but does a god control the outcome? While armored soldiers fight blood magic warriors she secretly seeks to manipulate those who truly influence the world.
Theo couldn’t imagine the consequences when he stowed away. His freedom from Losik wasn’t worth war, but he didn’t know magical forces were waiting for him. His empathic power lies untapped, but the rage and terror inside him can obliterate the Drasque Empire—if war doesn’t first.
Author Bio:
An emerging figure in contemporary prose, Troy Clem was born in Orange County, California, in the late 1980s. He was raised on a steady diet of science fiction, fantasy, graphic novels, and pop culture, which has calcified his unique writing aesthetic. He relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area after graduating with a Film degree from San Francisco State University, and lives there today with his wife and two children. Having written throughout his lifetime for various journalism, film, and online ventures, The Kingmaker Contest is Troy’s first commercial novel.