FaeCrate v Beacon Book Box, who did better at the Capturing the Devil box?

Disclaimer: I bought this box on my own!


Rating: 2/5


Price: $33.32/month for the monthly box. Discounts with rep codes and bigger sub months. The special boxes are more expensive, upwards of $70USD.


Products: Fae Crate is a magically tailored book box that features Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction themes. Each box will include a hardback new release, and a minimum of 4-6 bookish goodies all focused on the theme for the month. And don’t forget the t-shirt!


Ships To: USA (based) and worldwide!


Contents: I got the Capturing the Devil Book Hangover Recovery Kit. Inside was:


*Thomas Cresswell Plushie (EP: $15)

*Dracul Family Crest Collectors Coin (EP: $4)

*Constellation Orchid Pin (EP: $10)

*Audrey Rose’s Tea (EP: $4)

*Dragon Cane Hair Sticks (EP: $2)

*Stand Out Wall Hanging (EP: $3)

*Fleece Throw Blanket (EP: $20)

*Character card set (EP: $4)

*Daciana’s Gift Bath Set (EP: $10)

*If Lost Socks (EP: $4)

*Silken Booksleeve (EP: $10)

*Audrey Rose’s Steamer Luggage Cover (EP: $7)

*Set of 4 exclusive dust jackets (EP: $14)

*Preorder goodies (print, alternate dust jacket, and deleted scene and author letter) (no price)

*Book (EP: $20)


Estimated Total of Box: $127


Verdict: *sigh* Let’s start from the top. This box was supposed to ship out within 2 weeks of release. I received my Beacon Box special box the week of release. This box came 5 weeks after release. Faecrate states that this is due to the hurricane. Faecrate failed to adequately inform people of the status of this box, they went weeks without stating what was going on with the boxes and people ordered them in March and April. The box also shipped out of the sequence that they provided to their customers. But aside from that, I had bigger issues when I got the box. The box was left out in the rain when I was away for vacation overnight and while everything else in the box was wrapped well, the book was not wrapped in anything, no plastic no nothing, and is now damaged. While the pages have mostly dried out the book has a mildew smell to it and the pages are warpped. The dust jackets don’t have a spine as well and they don’t really go with each other. The luggage cover is a joke to me. The cover only fits certain sizes/styles of luggage and they’ll only work once before they become dirty or ripped. The booksleeve does not have any padding to it, so it won’t protect any books. The socks are god awful. The foot area is so small and constricting and the leg part won’t stay up on my feet. The wall hanging design is actually a design that I believe Alchamy and Ink used before. It’s one of those art designs that you can download and use for cheap online. The hair sticks make me uncomfortable. They are basically chop sticks and I do NOT feel comfortable wearing chop sticks in my hair with a Chinese dragon it (also not what I pictured Audrey’s cane to be??). I think the design and item are insensitive. The collector’s coin is not the best. The design is okay but it’s nothing special. Also what do you do with those coins?? And lastly, the plush. It’s good but it’s already fraying and the stitches are coming out. Overall, not impressed and I’m waiting for faecrate to talk to me about the damaged book. My opinion? Order from Beacon Box next time.

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