OwlCrate October 2019

Disclaimer: I bought this box on my own! Yay me!

Rating: 5/5

Price: Prices start at $29.99 USD plus shipping.

Products: A highly anticipated brand new YA release, published within 45 days of receiving your box. Bookish keepsakes made from a wide range of small businesses. Exclusive items from publishers and authors that you won’t find anywhere else! This includes a handwritten letter from the author in every box, and we also try to include signed bookplates as much as possible. Yay! A collectible flyer showcasing all of the wonderful people who worked on each box, as well as sneak peeks for next month! This box also includes special edition of the books featured.

Ships To: Ships worldwide with the exception of Mexico and Peru.

Contents: I got the October book box! Inside was:

*Illuminae Files book tin designed by StellaBookishArt (EP: $10)
*Saga Magnetic Bookmarks by Craftedvan (EP: $4)
*Lunar Chronicles pendant necklace (not sure if hypoallergenic) designed by @ironandinkdesigns (EP: $13)
*Warcross Sticker by Blanca Montiel (EP: $2)
*Crier’s War by Nina Varela (EP: $22)
*I Hope You Get This Message by Farah Naz Rishi (EP: $22)
*Two enamel pins by EnchantedBookShop (EP: $20)

Estimated Total of Box: $93

Verdict: I loved this box! I loved that this box had two books and both sound amazing. The pins are adorable and I love them. I’ve already placed my sticker on my sticker place, and I can’t wait to wear the pendant necklace. And that book tin is GORGEOUS! I love this box.

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