Beacon Book Box October 2019

Disclaimer: I bought this box on my own!


Rating: 5/5


Price: $29.99 for one month sub, discounted at higher months!


Products: Beacon Book Box is a monthly Young Adult book subscription box that includes a newly-released hardcover YA book and 3-5 bookish goodies, delivered to your door once a month!


Ships To: USA (based) and worldwide!


Contents: I got the October box! Inside was:


*Sightwitch Luggage tag by @littlebearries (EP: $8)

*Anna Dressed in Blood Coffee from Caribbrew Coffee (EP: $5)

*Percy Jackson Campfire Mug designed by @catarinabookdesigns (EP: $15)

*Baking With The Beacons Persephone’s Chocolate Pecan Pumpkin Muffins (EP: $2)

*Spooky Beacon Book Sleeve by Lynette from threestarscustom on Etsy (EP: $12)

*Finale Dust Jacket from @kat_adara (EP: $9)

*Signed copy of Verify by Joelle Charbonneau (EP: $20)

*Paraphernalia from Robert Beatty promoting his next Seraphina book!


Estimated Total of Box: $71


Verdict: This box was so good! I loved the book choice and the sleeve! It’s so spooky! I also loved the mug and the luggage tag! Definitely a great box, although I wish that this could have had a better overall theme.

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