The Raven Queen by Raven Mills


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Tour Schedule:

December 9 – Paige @popthebutterfly

December 10 – JP

December 11 – Stacie @borenbooks

December 12 – Candy @purpleshadowhunter

December 13 – CE @chelscey

December 14 – Jasmine @thefreckledmind

December 15 – Nikki @thereadingrebel

December 16 – Kriz @bloommagic_

The Raven Queen🖤
-Some Myths Are Prophecy-

A single raven, born of wolves,
the time to reign for her has come.
Her faith is strong,
her heart is true.
Raven Queen we call to you.

Three thousand years ago The Raven Queen, alongside her Fae and Vampire sisters were prophesised to bring peace to the paranormal races.
They failed!
The vampires enslaved the witches they didn’t burn, the shifters went into hiding and the Fae closed off their realm forever.
The war still rages, but a new Raven Queen has been born and a new prophecy has come to pass. However, fulfilling a prophecy is the last thing on Aurora Byrne’s mind, because her pack doesn’t yet know there’s a raven in its midst.

-The Morrigan Prophecies Book One-

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