The Octopus Curse by Salma Farook

Disclaimer: I received this book from the author. Thanks! All opinions are my own.

Book: The Octopus Curse

Author: Salma Farook

Book Series: Standalone

Rating: 4/5

Publication Date: November 1, 2019

Genre: Poetry

Recommended Age: 16+ (some mature content)

Publisher: SeaShell Publications

Pages: 208

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Synopsis: Science would have us believe that we are nothing but cell upon cell. I disagree. We are made up of stories. The stories we hear from our mothers, the ones we tell our daughters. The tales we share with sisters and friends. The ones we never say out loud, but are heavy on our minds and run like a fever in our blood.

There are a multitude of great divides between us; race, religion, cultures, the way we dress, the languages we speak, but the stories we tell bridge us together in the universal tongue of smiles, tears, pain and laughter. They remind us that, as women, we’re all chasing similar fairy-tales.

This book is a call to celebrate the bridges, delight in our stories and to focus on the joy in our lives right now, rather than racing behind the happily-ever-after. That will come in it’s own time.

Review: I’m not normally a poetry reader and when I do read poetry I don’t normally review it because poetry is different. It’s designed to convey feelings and emotions, not really stories. There can be story poetry and I don’t doubt its powerful existence, but in my opinion poetry is hard to review because if I’m not in the proper mood for it that just ruins the whole point of the poem. I will say that while I wasn’t in the best mood for this book, it is definitely powerful and can force the emotions on you. The book deals with love, heartache, beauty, and motherhood. The book was also well written and it definitely did an excellent job conveying what needed to be conveyed to the reader and it’s an excellent tribute to women everywhere. The book is also full of beautiful pictures!

However, I did feel like the poems were long enough in my opinion and the book went by really fast. It was hard to slow down and read for me because poetry forces you to read slowly, but I was in a speed reader mood.

Verdict: Excellent poetry!