January 2020 Litjoy

Disclaimer: I bought this box! Support small businesses!

Rating: 5/5

Price: $30.99 for the full crate, $19.99 for the book only, and $19.99 for the items only. Subbing will save you money!

Products: Includes the book, trading cards, and bookish items with the chance to upgrade and add items each month. They also have membership options through Lunacorns to give you more reward money each month so you can spend more at their store online. Each month you will also earn rewards and be able to buy items on their shop.

Ships To: USA (based) and International

Contents and Estimated Prices: I got the January Starry Night box! Inside was:

  • Strange the Dreamer full sized pillowcase (art by @eviebookish)
    • Estimated Price: $7.00
  • The Darkling’s “Cult of the Starless” trinket box (art by @maggie.rose.studio)
    • Estimated Price: $5.00
  • Doctor Who twist fabric headband
    • Estimated Price: $3.00
  • Night Court inspired dreamcatcher
    • Estimated Price: $5.00
  • Nightnight Chronicles trading cards (set of 3) (art by @niru.sky)
    • Estimated Price: $6.00
  • Woven in Moonlight by Isabel Ibanez with exclusive design inside jacket designed by the author herself. Also comes signed and with a map and author letter.
    • Estimated Price: $23.00
  • Optional add-ons:
    • Literary Location Pin: Neverland
    • Apothecary Candle: Phoenix Tears
    • Lumos Necklace

Estimated Total of Box: $49.00

Verdict: While the value isn’t as much of a bang for this box as was Owlcrate, I still feel like this box held its own and did a fantastic job! The inside dust jacket art is gorgeous I loved it so much! The pillowcase is going on my bed and the dreamcatcher will make a return in my photos for years to come. I can even use the headband at work, which is a score for me! Definitely will keep with this box for a bit.

10 Days Gone by A. L. McKittridge

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher. Thanks! All opinions are my own.

Book: 10 Days Gone

Author: A. L. McKittridge

Book Series: Standalone

Rating: 3/5

Publication Date: February 18, 2020

Publisher: MIRA

Pages: 384

Recommended Age: 18+ (some language, violence, gore, murder)

Synopsis: They know exactly when he’ll strike… They just have to find him first.

In all their years working for the Baywood police department, detectives A.L. McKittridge and Rena Morgan have never seen anything like it. Four women dead in forty days, each killed ten days apart. With nothing connecting the victims and very little evidence, the clock is already counting down to when the next body drops. A.L. and Rena will have to act fast if they’re going to find the killer’s next victim before he does.

But identifying the killer’s next likely target is only half the battle. With pressure pushing in from all sides, a promising breakthrough leads the detectives to Tess Lyons, a woman whose past trauma has left her too damaged to appreciate the danger she’s in. Unwilling to let another woman die, A.L. and Rena will put everything on the line to keep Tess safe and end the killer’s deadly spree once and for all–before time runs out again.

Review: I thought this book was very fast paced and well written. The book was intriguing and the plot kept me hooked from beginning to end.

However, I did feel like the characters were a bit flat and I just wasn’t drawn to any of them. It was probably just personal taste but I just couldn’t get along with them. I also predicted the ending, but again I’m really good at that.

Verdict: it was a decent suspense novel!