February 2020 Owlcrate!

Disclaimer: I bought my own box because OwlCrate is just that awesome.

Rating: 3/5

Price: Prices start at $29.99 USD plus shipping.

Products: A highly anticipated brand new YA release, published within 45 days of receiving your box. Bookish keepsakes made from a wide range of small businesses. Exclusive items from publishers and authors that you won’t find anywhere else! This includes a handwritten letter from the author in every box, and we also try to include signed bookplates as much as possible. Yay! A collectible flyer showcasing all of the wonderful people who worked on each box, as well as sneak peeks for next month! This box also includes special edition of the books featured.

Ships To: Ships worldwide with the exception of Mexico and Peru.

Contents and Estimated Prices: I got the February “A Power Within” crate! Inside was:

  • Two metal bookmark rulers inspired by Truthwitch series designed by @heyatlas
    • Estimated Price: $8
  • Duel-sided screen cleaning cloth featuring designs from Wicked Saints designed by @nicole.deal.art and lettering done by @leafandlore
    • Estimated Price: $5
  • Throne of Glass inspired deck of cards designed by @po_jainter, @morgana0anagrom, @dianadworak, @janarunneck, and @themichellegray
    • Estimated Price: $20
  • The Magicians themed keychain designed by @bloominglibrary
    • Estimated Price: $12
  • Bento Box with Owlcrate spelled out in Scadrial’s Steel Alphabet found in the Mistborn series!
    • Estimated Price: $20
  • All the Stars and Teeth themed pin designed by @thatslovelydearshop
    • Estimated Price: $15
  • All the Stars and Teeth with special edition cover, author letter, and is signed.
    • Estimated Price: $22

Estimated Total of Box: $102

Verdict: Don’t let the rating make you think I hated this box, on the contrary I thought this was an amazing box. I loved the bento box and I love the cover changes to All the Stars and Teeth. The bookmarks are a cute idea as well. However, I hate Wicked Saints and do not want to keep this item, I am not a fan of Throne of Glass and have too many playing cards right now to keep them, and the keychain is cool but I don’t have room for another one and I’m not that big of a fan of The Magicians anyways. So, I’m giving away half the box, but the items are all gorgeous in my opinion and I think the box was well curated.

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