February 2020 Litjoy Crate!

Disclaimer: I bought this box! Support small businesses!

Rating: 5/5

Price: $30.99 for the full crate, $19.99 for the book only, and $19.99 for the items only. Subbing will save you money!

Products: Includes the book, trading cards, and bookish items with the chance to upgrade and add items each month. They also have membership options through Lunacorns to give you more reward money each month so you can spend more at their store online. Each month you will also earn rewards and be able to buy items on their shop.

Ships To: USA (based) and International

Contents and Estimated Prices: I got the February “Once Upon a Retelling” box! Inside was:

  • Night Spinner with reverse jacket cover designed by @simsamy, author letter, and is signed.
    • Estimated Price: $20
  • February trading cards: Disney Valentines designed by @niru.sky
    • Estimated Price: $4
  • Rapunzel and Cress-inspired hairbrush with artwork by @katerinasavic
    • Estimated Price: $8
  • To Kill A Kingdom floating pen
    • Estimated Price: $4
  • Rumplestiltskin bookmark/bookshelf prop
    • Estimated Price: $4
  • ACOTAR/Beauty and The Beast inspired puzzle designed by @rosiethorns88
    • Estimated Price: $8

Estimated Total of Box: $48

Verdict: There was another item listed in the line-up but because of the current situation of the world, it couldn’t be included in this box. However, I did think that the box was very well packed and curated regardless. I appreciate how honest and up-front with the missing item the company was, unlike some companies who choose to wait until shipping date to tell us items are delayed and making us wait for the whole box entirely. Anyways, I love the book choice, I love the cards, and the pen is amazing. I’m not a fan of the brush because of my hair type I can’t use it and I’m not a fan of the bookshelf prop, it looks really cheap, and ACOTAR is not my thing so that’s going to someone else who will love it. Overall though, really well done!

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