Silver Fire by Freya Pickard

Disclaimer: I purchased this book because the author asked me to review it. All opinions are my own.

Book: Silver Fire

Author: Freya Pickard

Book Series: The Kaerling Book 1

Rating: 1/5

Publication Date: March 25, 2018

Publisher: Indie Published

Pages: 152

Recommended Age: can’t recommend as it was a dnf but there was (TW) incest and rape, at least mention and tried to act upon. Please be safe.

Synopsis: When Otta and Erl are banished from their village for angering the gods, they embark on a peculiar quest.

Commanded by a wandering god, Otta is obliged to follow the strange, elusive “unicorn’s trail.” Her twin brother, Erl, has lost his memory and is struggling to discover who he is.

As they travel further from the shelter of the Homestead, the siblings discover unpleasant traits in their personalities. They must learn to adapt and change before they are driven apart.

Who is the wandering god? Just what is the “unicorn’s trail” and where will it lead? What are the kaerlings? And who are the brown-robed travellers that trespass in Otta’s dreams?

Silver Fire is the first volume in Freya Pickard’s epic fantasy series The Kaerling.

Review: While I thought this was a good idea, I just couldn’t move on with the book after a particular scene involving incest and rape. I dnf-ed the book for that reason. Authors, please consider putting trigger warnings in your books.

Verdict: Can’t recommend. Please be safe.